Council election manifestos compared

3. Environment

A rare outbreak of unanimity on the 4 parties environment policies. All promise to make York “carbon neutral” by 2030. The temptation to break ranks and go for a 2029 date must have been strong.

Most are keen on clean air zones but, like the carbon commitment, are very light on what this would actually mean for residents as they go about their daily lives. The key opportunity to declare the York Central “teardrop” site a ultra low emission zone seems to have passed all the parties by.

The LibDems seem to have ditched their commitment to the introduction of a “salvage and reuse” facility with only the Greens offering a “reuse shop”

All parties commit to fortnightly bin emptying. None are specific on how recycling rates might be increased. (Central government is mandating separate food waste collections)

Surface water drainage problems are only mentioned in passing although the Tories promise an “annual gully cleaning schedule”

202 candidates for 47 York Council places in 2nd May poll (Updated)

By the close of nominations, 202 people had put themselves forward to be councillors for York. All wards are being contested by the LibDems, Greens, Tories and Labour.

There will be 10 independent candidates including former Councillors Brian Watson (Acomb), John Galvin (Bishopthorpe), Suzie Mercer (Wheldrake), Sheena Jackson (Westfield), Mark Waters (Osbaldwick), Tony Richardson (Haxby), Hillary Shepherd (Hull Road) and David Carr (Copmanthorpe)

There are also 2 UKIP candidates (one each in Dringhouses and Huntington), 1 “Socialist Alternative” and 1 Womens Equality Party (both in the Heworth ward)

Biggest surprise is that 56 of the candidates have refused to reveal on their nomination forms in which part of the City they live.

Instead they just say that they “reside in the City of York Council area”

This could be a significant issue in some wards where electors may feel that they want a local and accessible Councillor.

Another existing Tory Councillor, John Gates from Haxby, is standing down. This means that, of the 14 Conservatives elected to the Council in 2015, only 5 will offer themselves for re-election (as Tories) on May 2nd.

We will publish details on this site, where we have them, of which ward a candidate lives in as part of a more detailed analysis of issues, personalities and policies over the next few weeks.