Coronavirus York updates; 13th July 2021

Hospital patients and deaths

The latest government figures covering the period up to 2nd July, confirm that there have been no further York resident deaths in any setting. The cumulative COVID fatalities total remains at 379

Test results

127 positive test results today. Brings cumulative total up to 15,383.

The number of cases in the City has reduced from 876 to 871

The rate /100k population falls to 413.56. the upward trend has leveled off.


15 of York’s 24 neighbourhoods are now recording very high coronavirus case levels.

Some areas are seeing their highest ever infection rates – exceeding both the autumn and winter peaks.


738 vaccinations were completed yesterday (Monday).

The vaccination rate in York has slowed during recent days


  • 8268 PCR test were conducted during the week ending 8th July 2021.
  • Of these 10.8% were positive. That is the highest positivity rate recorded during the present surge in case numbers in the City
  • In addition, 3154 “lateral flow” test were conducted on 12th July

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