Coronavirus York updates; 8th June 2021

Hospital patients and deaths

The number of COVID-19 patients being cared for by the York Hospital Trust has fallen back to two. There have been no further deaths

Test results

Ten additional positive test results today. Brings the cumulative total up to 12,493

Case numbers in City rise from 59 to 60

The rate /100K population has risen to 28.49. It is trending to increase to over 30 before the weekend.

Case numbers are rising more quickly at national level now than in Yorkshire or York




  • 4374 PCR tests were carried out during the week ending 3rd June.
  • Of these, 1.3% were positive. That represents an increase over the previous figure of 1.2%
  • In addition, 3134 “lateral flow” tests were conducted on 7th June.

So what do these projects even mean?

Apparently the York Council is going ahead with a plan to bid for nearly £2 million of public funding, despite being told that the area does not qualify for the “Community Renewal Fund”.

York wasn’t on the list of 100 towns and City’s given priority for use of the fund.

Nevertheless, the Council has gone ahead and drawn up a list of schemes that might have benefited. “Partners” were asked to put forward their proposals.

Nine projects were subsequently selected.

There has been no public consultation on the proposals. This has now been exacerbated by a failure (in the Council report to a meeting next week) to provide any explanation of what the projects are intended to achieve.

The single line descriptions are a totally opaque.

We’re pretty sure though, that the “Bosch startup harbour programme” has little to do with ships and water!