Contactless payments – how easy

How to make contactless card payment
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Government advice is that payment for goods and services should now be made by “contactless” cards or via a smartphone App.

This avoids any personal contact, and is in line with health advice.

Not everyone feels comfortable about giving their credit card details over the phone.

News in today says that the contactless card limit is being raised to £45. There may still be a £100 a day maximum spend on some cards.

National advice is that payment should be made via smartphone Apps such as Apple Pay for higher amounts.

Paypal is another option at some stores and for some takeaway deliveries..

Obviously a bank transfer can be made but this implies payment in advance.

The missing link in all this, is a list of stores and delivery options which allow the use of this technology.

The Council, supported by trade organisations and the media, in York should get on publish and maintain such an “on line” list. 

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