Chapelfields Community Centre difficulties

Social media reports are saying that the Chapelfields community centre (Sanderson House) on Bramham Road has run into management problems. There are claims that the York Council has taken over the running of the building.

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Sanderson House

The Community centre has had problems since the Council cut its grant 5 years ago

We said in 2017 that the burden being placed on volunteers to run activities at centres like Chapelfields and Foxwood was unreasonable

Part of the Chapelfields centre is now leased to “Accessible Arts” and a successful “Hub” operates at the building on Thursdays

On the other hand the number of regular events staged at the centre is limited and they are not widely publicised.

There is a Facebook page but the centres web site is rarely updated these days.

Sanderson House is potentially a fantastic asset for one of the most deprived parts of York.

Hopefully the resources will now be found to give that, and other similar, communities the support they deserve.

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