Clockhouse pub on Kingsway West faces closure

Council committee to consider revoking license on 8th April

The Clockhouse pub, which is located on the corner of Kingsway West and Tudor Road, could face closure. An application has been made for the premises license to be revoked.

Clockhouse Pub

 It follows two years of complaints from nearby residents. Most related to excessive noise from the premises.

The Clockhouse is probably better known by its former name; The Acomb Hotel.

It has been a feature of the social life of the west of York for over 70 years.

 It has changed a lot over the years as it has had to come to terms with the changing expectations of sub-urban drinkers.

Relatively recently it has majored on improved outdoor areas with children now well catered for.

But it is the evening activities that have led to the licencing hearing. Many complaints have been registered by nearby residents. Sound levels have been unacceptably high with open doors and windows contributing to the problem.

In October 2018 fines and costs totalling £4889.26 were levied against the establishment by magistrates.

There have since been further complaints.

A list of the conditions attached to the licence can be viewed by clicking  here

The Clocktower event rooms are very close to adjacent properties. Ironically some were built on part of the former hotel site.

It is this proximity which may lead to a further change in role for the building.

7 thoughts on “Clockhouse pub on Kingsway West faces closure

  1. Caroline says:

    I live very close to the clock house and don’t hear or experience any any social behaviour. Save the clock house!

  2. Sandie Nicholson says:

    When they bought a house on part of a pub car park did they not know that it was absolutely inevitable that there would been some attendant noise from that pub? Of course they did and yet they still bought them and then proceeded to complain in order to get the pub closed down. Even the most cursory enquires would have informed them that it was a lively noisy pub with evening entertainment.It isn’t a quiet country pub or a food led pub is it? I have no sympathy with them whatsoever. The wider community use the pub and would feel the loss of a community hub.

  3. Malcolm Saggers says:

    The Clock House Pub has enhanced the area compared to the state it used to be in and the hard work that has been put into this pub should be considered before revoking the licence. To many GOOD PUBS have been lost in local communities and this is one of those pubs that should NOT BE CLOSED!!

    How about CYC concentrate on our city centre and dealing with the anti social behaviour there before worry about pubs in local areas!

    Of course CYC would rather the city Centre be filled with drunks and trouble makers than revoke any licenses that they have approved as it would show them up for the idiots they are!

  4. A says:

    Get this anti social drug fueled hell hole shut down. Sooner the better for me. It’s a nightmare to live near.

  5. Cameron says:

    Anyone who actually drinks in here knows just how much of a good pub it is. Noise is never any different from other pubs just do gooders moaning for the sake of moaning. Save the clockhouse

  6. Anonymous says:

    I live near the clockhouse pub and never hear the music oddly the drunk person leaving but thats a given, i personally dont use the pub but many do and children love it in the summer with the bouncy castle and sure theres a little park too, which also brings custume to our local shop for ice creams ect… i think the pub should say…

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