More cheap homes to buy – new scheme launched by York Council

Shared home ownership scheme

Following on from yesterdays news about a £112,500 flat being sold in Skeldergate, there is more good news for aspiring home owners in York today.

An innovative new scheme to help more people afford a home of their own in York is being launched!

City of York Council’s new shared ownership scheme invites applicants to find their own home on the open market or choose from four high quality newly-converted apartments to buy with the council.

In York, high demand and low supply has increased house prices beyond the reach of many residents. With average house prices nine times local average wages the scheme for 65 homes is run in partnership with Homes England until early 2021, to help eligible York residents get on to the property ladder.

To be eligible, applicants must:

  • have a combined household income of less that £80,000 per year
  • be first time buyers, or former home owners, or military or ex military personnel
  • be unable to afford to purchase a suitable home at market value
  • not own a share of, or own any other property (unless a shared ownership home that you wish to move from)
  • Have a minimum 5% deposit and be able to cover the cost of buying a property
  • Have secured a mortgage offer.

Eligible people can choose a property from the open housing market. This must be:

  • within the price guidelines set out in an offer letter – usually for no more than £200,000
  • within the City of York boundary area
  • not a listed building or in a listed building
  • in good mortgage-able condition
  • without any previous shared ownership grant funding attached
  • priced in line with an independent valuation.

If eligible and interested, first get a mortgage offer from a lender then apply via – run by Yorkshire Housing. Please state on your application that you wish to buy with City of York Council and your details will be passed on to us.


Then, you can find a house on the open market in the price range given in your offer letter. When you find a property and your offer on it is accepted by the seller, notify City of York Council which will view the property. If it is suitable, the council will buy it and the applicant will buy an agreed share – usually 25-75% from the council. Customers must buy the maximum share they can afford and sustain. Over time and when they can afford it, shared owners can gradually buy more of the property right up to 100% ownership

In addition, the council has four newly-converted city centre apartments to sell on a first come, first sold, shared ownership basis. At Elmwood House, Cemetery Road, Fishergate, York YO10, 5AQ, there is one one-bedroomed flat and one two-bedroomed flat on the ground floor, and on the second floor there are two, two-bedroomed flats. Applicants must follow the process outlined above.

Dilys Jones, Homes England’s Head of Home Ownership and Supply for the North East, Yorkshire and the Humber said: “Homes England  are pleased to be working with City of York Council on this innovative approach to affordable home ownership making existing and new properties accessible to local people in an area with high property values.”

Full detail of the apartments can be downloaded from

More details including a buyers guide and details of the six properties are at

Full information, terms and conditions are at .

Or, for more detail please call 01904 552621 or email 

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