More to be spent on road repairs and cleaning up York

No green bin emptying charges

The new Coalition Executive in York has announced some changes to the budget that it inherited from Labour.



arts barge

Arts barge

The papers published today for a Council meeting taking place on 16th July also promise a review of the Housing Revenue Account. This is the expenditure paid from from Council house rents. A “review” falls some way short of the expected commitment to undertake a major clean up and regeneration of the City’s Council estates, which is urgently required.

Also missing is any proposal to regenerate sub-urban shopping areas like Front Street.

Overall though the proposals are step in the right direction.

The Council will also need to get a grip on its capital expenditure (and resultant interest payments) while keeping something in reserve to address the underlying failings of the budget passed in March – which looks increasingly fragile.

Full details of the budget changes can be found by clicking here

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