Time to come clean on the costs of redundancy at the York Council

Angry mob - whole truth

The York Council has shed a lot of staff over the last few years.

The redundancy terms – and payments made – to an individual are understandably considered to be private matters.

But the expectation was that the responsible Council committee would receive a public overview report detailing the total cost to the public purse.

A report to a meeting taking place on 22nd June is remarkably lacking in candour.

Councillors had been told on 8th June that they could expect a “4 month overview” on redundancies. It seems that the information has not been made available or is to be considered in private.

That is a shame and an issue that Councillors should challenge the new Council Leader over.

There remains a suspicion that the York Council has lost too many experienced staff over recent years and this lack of understanding – and capacity – is at least partly responsible for the decline in public service standards in the City.

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