York Local Plan – new housing figures raise more questions

New figures provided by the York Council cast further doubts on the soundness of the Labour Local Plan for the City.

The Council recently revealed a new raft of sites which it is considering for housing development.  Following an intervention from LibDem Councillors the Labour Leadership was forced to agree to publish the numbers of homes that it hopes to fit on each site.

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That may come as little comfort to residents.

Estimates of the capacity of some sites included in the original Plan – published 12 months ago – proved to be very wide of the mark with sites like Our Lady’s in Windsor Garth slated to accommodate 60% more homes than allocated in the original plan.

Now the Council has been asked to respond to criticisms that it failed to identify nearly 1000 sites for homes which were subsequently granted planning permission between 1st October 2012 (the original plan base date) and 1st April 2014.

1793 additional homes were given the “go ahead” by the Planning Committee during that 19 month period.

As previously reported, 959 of these were on (mainly brownfield) sites of over 0.2 htr which should have been separately identified in the draft Plan …….but weren’t.

Permission for 144 homes was given through the conversion of existing commercial buildings like Hilary House.

Stonebow House missing

There is no mention in the Councils plans for buildings like Stonebow House or the Ryedale House building in Piccadilly.

Objectors fundament criticism  remains that Labour’s plans for 22,000 additional  homes is not only unnecessary (there are only 2000 people on the housing waiting list in the City) but they are also unsustainable.

 Expanding the City in size by 25% in just 15 years would have disastrous consequences for local infrastructure.

Transport systems would simply be unable to cope

NB. The high levels of planning permissions granted in recent months is the equivalent of a supply of over 1100 homes per annum.

That is markedly higher than the 575 agreed by the then LibDem led Council as necessary in its March  2011 Local Plan.

4 thoughts on “York Local Plan – new housing figures raise more questions

  1. Paul S Cordock says:


    I’d just like to correct your penultimate paragraph.

    You cannot divide the planning consents granted over the last nineteen months, on a straightline annualised basis. Each site has to be assessed on the likely build out rate, which is mainly dependant/based on the sales rate. Most low density schemes will achieve between 20-30 units per year.

    York Council’s pipeline of housing sites (excluding bogus student accommodation) with planning consents, will struggle to hit 600 units per year over the next five years. Labour’s target of 1,090 units per year is a pie in the sky figure, and unachieveable in the short to medium term, and may never be achieved as a consistent average outturn. This is why the council haven’t supported their Local Plan with a trajectory predicting yearly delivery figures, because they daren’t based on existing planning pipeline figures.

    Someone should give Martin Grainger a poke for this trajectory, which hasn’t been updated for over three years.

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