Council frozen into inactivity on Lendal Bridge failings

We are still receiving a large number of adverse comments from visitors who have been caught out by the ANPR cameras on Lendal Bridge

A selection is reproduced below.


None of the Cabinet Councillors responsible is prepared to respond publicly to the criticisms and the local media increasingly adopt a supine approach to Labour’s excesses.

The Press haven’t even published the footfall figures, which were released last week, and which showed a 12% drop in the number of visitors in the City since the traffic restrictions were introduced.

Disillusion with the local democratic system is resulting in residents shunning the Councils activities.

-The annual “democracy week” attracted low attendances.

– Few residents attend the new ward forums

– The much vaunted (and expensive) web casting of Cabinet meetings attracts a tiny audience

– While the so called “housing week” events attracted in the main only officials and Labour members.

The Councils procession from the Guildhall to its new offices attracted City wide derision.

So it does raise the question of what residents can do, in a democracy, if their views are totally ignored by an inflexible Council leadership?

In the end, the answer will be to ensure that it never happens again.

Reintroduction of the “so called” committee system where decisions are take (at meetings open to the public) by all party groups, looks increasingly attractive.

Cabinet/Executive members have no delegated authority to act under such a system.

We will see if this option finds its way into the party manifestos for the local elections in 2015.

Sadly other options for reinvigorating the democratic system in the City (annual elections and smaller wards) have so far been rejected by the Boundary Commission

In the meantime those who have suffered through the bad planning of new traffic restrictions, who are appalled at the profligate expenditure of the Council, who oppose the ridiculous plan to increase the City’s size by 25% over the next 15 years, who fear the impact that new de-icing schedules will have on safety or who reject the idea that 20 mph is the right speed limit for all urban roads, should continue to make their views known to local Labour Councillors.

There is evidence that’s some of them are now beginning to question the style and content of the Alexander leadership.

Only 18 months to the next Council election. For some businesses though they will come too late.

Recent feedback includes these comments

“I would just like to make a comment about my spending 3 days sightseeing in York, the places I visited were great although the cost was a bit high but I can put up with this on a break what gets my back up is the fact that while I was spending hard earned money in York I was slapped with a fixed penalty notice for driving in a bus lane on Lendal bridge which to be truthful appears to be a money making scheme from York council against the British motorist yet again I see if I was from over seas I would get away with it.
It appears that even people from York are confused by it so what chance as a visitor, another issue is that the councils website doesn’t link any other pages so you can view the cameras; I was planning another trip to York but this will now stop me shame on York council for being money grabbers I will now add a page to my website to let everyone one know just what York is all about”.
– Mike
I have just been caught by the camera. I was a visitor to York and the last time I was there it was ok to drive down Coppergate on a Sunday. York is obviously against car drivers and persecutes them at every opportunity. Ride a bike without lights, on the pavement, through the pedestrian only area or the wrong way up one way streets and you’re ok. I never fail to be amazed how a council thinks it’s ok to paint a line down a footpath and give two thirds of the width over to cyclists at the expense of foot traffic. Shame on York Council for their attitude! – Alwyn
I have been living in York for four years
and never noticed any changes in Lendal Bridge in Coppergate. I was shocked when I received the penalty. Nothing was clear. I was more shocked when I saw the video where you can see many people driving with no clue about the camera
my friend got 4 penalties in two days. I do not think it is fair to use the penalty to make money. What is next, selling the street to private companies and turn schools into factories to make more money !!!!!
– Abdo
I have voted Labour all of my voting life from 1979.
Due to the actions of Alexander and clowns like Levene, my vote will be going liberal next election
– Bryan

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