20 mph speed limit – residents views ignored at todays meeting

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York Liberal Democrats are urging Labour’s Transport Chief to listen to residents and think again about plans for a citywide 20mph speed limit.

Despite a recent consultation which saw only 7 out of 13,000 local people support the proposals, Labour’s Cabinet Member for Transport, today approved the £500,000 20mph roll-out in West York at a council meeting. Lib Dems are now ‘calling-in’ the decision and urging Labour to abandon the scheme or delay it until the new limits introduced earlier in the year in South Bank can be properly assessed.

Liberal Democrat Councillors Ann Reid, Lynn Jeffries and Nigel Ayre are formally calling for the decision to be reversed, meaning the issue will be re-considered at a special meeting of the cross-party Corporate Scrutiny Management Committee next month.


City Centre Cycle Races 21st July 2013

York will host the 2013 men’s and women’s British Cycling National Circuit Race Championships on the day that the 100th Tour de France draws to a close. Come and join the fun

York City Centre Cycle Races just got bigger – this year’s event will not just coincide with the Final of the Tour de France 2012 but will play host to the British Cycling National Circuit Race Championships and mark the launch of York’s Sky Ride.

Three Big Screens will carry all the excitement of the event which will be the largest held in the City Centre of York – until of course 2014 when we play host to the Tour de France.

Guaranteed to have something for all the family this will be a unique day in the City of York – and when our own Races and the Championships have finished there will be the opportunity to see the final stage of the Tour de France on the screens and the handing over to Yorkshire the Grande Depart 2014.

York Council launches first consultation hologram

Virtual Consultation Hologram JA

In a ground breaking initiative the York Council has launched the countries first virtual consultation hologram.

Users of the app will be able to move round a 360 degree animation of Capt James – Rimmer – Alexander

As the hologram will appear in your front room, it will no longer be necessary to waste time responding to Council surveys.

Instead you can have your own 2 minute personalised tirade at the Leader.

Residents will then be able to make their own selection from a range of standard responses which will be perfectly enunciated by the Leader.

“It’s the coalitions fault”

“ I have to make hard decisions”

“It was in our election manifesto”

“The last council are to blame”

“It’s outside my control”

“There has been a lot of misinformation circulated about this issue”

One advantage of the scheme is that it will be possible to see through the Leader at all times.

Labour force through Lendal Bridge Closure

Lendal bridge without traffic

Lendal bridge without traffic

Labour blocked a Liberal Democrat attempt to stop the Lendal Bridge closure last night despite a petition signed by over 1,200 local residents.

At the Full Council meeting a petition was presented for debate and the Lib Dems attempted to turn this into a binding vote of all councillors. However, Labour used their wafer-thin majority to block this move – meaning no vote was taken and the last chance to stop the controversial closure was missed.

Cllr Ann Reid, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Transport, commented after the meeting:

“It is very disappointing that despite a petition signed by over 1,200 local residents, Labour blocked a proper debate on their decision to close Lendal Bridge and are refusing to reconsider or even put their plans to a vote of all councillors. Public opinion has been ignored and it is a dark day for democracy and debate in York.”

The closure is due to come into effect in August. Lib Dems have argued that local businesses and residents should have been consulted before a decision was taken and estimates show that the closure will increase congestion in and around the city-centre.

The Lib Dems attempted to suspend standing orders in order to move the following motion:

“This council resolves that Lendal Bridge will not be closed to private vehicles at the present time.”

Labour Councillors voted not to consider the motion

1244 residents signed the petition against closure.

20 mph crunch meeting today

20 mph

Several residents have written to the Council in an attempt to influence today’s decision on the introduction of a 20 mph speed limit in west York.

All the published representations are opposed to the proposal.

The representations can be read by clicking here

Residents have also responded to the Councils plans for the management of the open area and pond on Mayfield Grove.

Here the balance of representations is more even although the local Chase Residents group appear to have most backing (including Dringhouses Councillor Ann Reid).

Several residents have registered to speak on the two issues at the meeting

The meeting is open to the public (Friday 19th July 4:30pm at The Snow Room, West Offices).

Given the controversial nature of the decisions to be made, it is surprising that it is not being web cast (there again, perhaps it isn’t so surprising!).