500 signature petition says “improve our neighbourhood”


Acomb residents ask for Council action

Petition June 2014

Over 500 residents living in the Chapelfields, Front Street, Cornlands Road, Gale Lane and Lowfields areas have signed a petition asking for improvements in their local neighbourhood.

The petition will be handed in to the York Council at its meeting later today by Cllr Lynn Jeffries.

The residents are concerned about the quality of public service provided in their neighbourhoods by the Council and particularly highlight issues with roads, footpaths, damaged fences, inadequate street cleansing, increasing instances of anti-social behaviour, inadequate car parking, weed growth in gulleys and on footpaths.

 In some cases resident have added in their own concerns with one recurrent comment being poor access arrangements for people restricted by their use of wheelchairs or mobility scooters.

In this respect poor footpaths/lack of dropped kerbs in the Front Street/Lowfields area has been mentioned by several residents.

The petition will be considered later in the year by the responsible Council committee,