Coronavirus York updates: 3rd June 2021

Hospital patients and deaths

There has been no change to the number of COVID-19 patients being cared for by the York Hospital Trust. There have been no deaths at the hospital since 20th April 2021.

However, the historic records have now been updated to record a death that occurred in May 2020. This means that the cumulative death toll now stands at 592.

The latest government figures confirm that there have been no deaths of York residents during May in any setting.

Test results

Eleven new positive tests today. Brings cumulative total up to 12,439

The number of cases in the City has increased to 52. That is the highest level seen since 26th April

The rate /100k population rises to 24.69.

Case numbers continue to rise at all levels.


Detailed figures are not yet available. However, nine neighbourhoods now have 3 or more cases in each. They are;

  • Holgate West
  • Holgate East
  • Rawcliffe and Clifton South
  • City Centre
  • Tang Hall
  • Heworth South & the Groves
  • Heworth North & Stockton
  • Strensall
  • Wigginton


The latest neighbourhood vaccination figures have been released. They show a big jump in the number of under 30’s who have had their first jab. 8205 had been vaccinated up to 30th May 2021.

The area with the highest vaccination rate (92.0%) is still Wigginton, but the area with the lowest vaccination rate (Tang Hall) has seen the proportion who have has their 1st jab increase from 39% to 41% over the last week.


  • 4652 PCR tests were conducted during the week ending 29th May 2021
  • Of these, 1.2% were positive. That is an increase from the 1.0% found during the previous period. It is the highest infection rate found since 29th March 2021.
  • In addition, 2340 “lateral flow” tests were conducted on 2nd June 2021.

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