Coronavirus York updates; 5th May 2021


There have been no further deaths announced today by the York Hospital Trust.

The government has released an updated set of figures today detailing the number of deaths suffered by York residents as a result of the pandemic. During the latest available week (ending 23rd April) no additional fatalities were recorded. This means that the total death toll among York residents remains at 377.

Test results

Four additional positive test results today bring the total up to 12,290

The number of cases in the City has reduced from 46 to 42.

The rate /100k population has fallen to 19.94. It is on track to continue reducing over the next couple of days.




  • 4275 PCR tests were conducted during the week ending 30th April
  • Of these, 0.8% were positive. This is the same proportion as the previous day.
  • 2575 “lateral flow” tests were also conducted on 4th May


Two COVID-19 patients are now being cared for by the York Hospital Trust

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