Coronavirus York updates; 14th September 2020

Deaths and test results.

There have been no further hospital deaths in the City. In fact there has only been one fatality announced today across the whole of England with that being in Bradford. That would be the lowest daily death toll since the start of the pandemic

There have been SEVEN additional positive test results announced today bringing the cumulative total to 1051

The distribution of recent cases in York neighbourhoods according to government figures is;

NeighbourhoodCases latest 7 days
Tang Hall7
Heworth North & Stockton on Forest4
Holgate West4
Westfield, Chapelfields & Foxwood4
Clifton Without & Skelton3
Clifton North3

Today has marked the start of restrictions which prohibit gatherings of more than 6 people. Anecdotal evidence suggests that some children and young people are having difficulty in paring their social circles down to below the required maximum!

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