Cornlands Park entrance to be secured

One of the entrances to the Cornlands Park (from the snicket) is to be gated.

Entrance to be gated

Entrance to be gated

The change has been on the cards for several years following problems with anti social behaviour.

Originally the intention had been to make the park capable of being locked at nightfall.  However the present Council wants to keep the two other entrances open.

The park has had increased usage since new play equipment was installed last year. Litter has however become a growing problem.

The sub station entrance has on occasions been used as an “escape route” by criminals.

The decision to install a locked gate was taken at a private meeting held last week which heard that “Crime and ASB statistics produced by Safer York Partnership covering a period from November 2012 to October 2013 for the 68 properties adjacent to the park, show that there were 8 reported incidents of crime and 8 reported incidents of ASB.

For the period November 2013 to November 2014, there were 5 reported incidents of crime and 4 reported incidents of ASB (Annex 3: Crime & ASB Statistics).

This may be considered to be a high number of incidents for 68 properties”

Residents with properties adjacent to the gate will be given a key.

Further consultation is promised in May.

Wilton Rise/St Pauls Square gating proposal withdrawn

Meanwhile a similar plan to gate the alleyway linking Wilton Rise and St Pauls Square has been withdrawn. Residents had objected on the grounds that the plan would have had an impact on waste collection arrangements.

There had been 14 incidents of crime in the area in recent years.

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