More on taxpayers subsidising political parties – MP claims back 40p for bottle of milk

A full list of the properties that MPs rent for their local offices has been published


It reveals that the other local MP (Julian Sturdy, Conservative) also rents his office from his local political party

Taxpayers should be told how much rent is paid by MPs to rent offices (its around £10 million nationally). A report on the issue is expected in the spring.

There should be an independent audit to check that the amount being paid reflects a fair commercial rent for the space used and that there is no cross subsidy of political activities.

Meanwhile the latest expenses claims by local MPs have been published click here to download.

They reveal that during June and July this year High Bayley claimed £6,286 including 40p for a bottle of milk and £20 on Yorkshire Teabags.

Julian Sturdy claimed £7956 with £60 spent on London’s congestion charge.

During 2012/13 Hugh Bayley spent £21,153 on office costs. In total he claimed £163,529 in expenses


In the same period Julian Sturdy spent £11,374 on office costs and claimed a total of £131,321 in expenses

Click here for all details

York police host free property registration road-shows

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York Police and the Safer York Partnership are hosting free property registration events as part of a week-long, national campaign targeting burglary and stolen goods.

Safer York Partnership and North Yorkshire Police have purchased new equipment called Hermes and Apollo which gives officers, volunteers and partners the ability to register property directly to the Immobilise National Property Register.

It also allows officers to scan recovered items and interrogate the National Mobile Property Register to identify if those items have been stolen.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get your valuables registered quickly and for free. Come along to any of the following venues during the week 18 to 24 November 2013:



Alcohol in York


York is supporting this year’s Alcohol Awareness Week which is taking place from 18 to 22 November.

Alcohol has an important role in many people’s social lives but it is easy to underestimate how much or how often we are drinking, and that it is causing harm to ourselves and others.Local statistics for York suggest that 20% of people who drink alcohol in the city are drinking in ways that put their health at risk.

In 2010/11 in York, more than 3,000 people were admitted to hospital for alcohol-related illnesses (Local Alcohol Profiles for England, calculated from indicators 10 and 11), and an estimated 18,000 attended A&E (estimate from Alcohol Concern’s alcohol harm map


The cost to the city’s health services due to alcohol misuse alone is estimated at £58 per adult resident (alcohol concern alcohol harm map as above.)

Alcohol misuse can also fuel violent crime: in 2010/11 there were estimated to be four violent crimes attributable to alcohol for every 1,000 people in York (local alcohol profile as above indicator 16).

Estimates of the number of people who binge drink is above the national average (local area alcohol profile indicator 24.)

Parliament Week to launch with Edna Crichton mini-exhibition

Edna Crichton

Edna Crichton

York’s Libraries and Archives service will be launching Parliament Week 2013, which runs from 15 to 21 November.

The week opens with a mini-exhibition at York Explore Library and Learning Centre looking at York’s first female Lord Mayor, Edna Crichton.

Amongst many other of her life’s stories, the mini-exhibition will place a spotlight on Edna’s first year as Mayor, which was one of the most traumatic in York’s recent history. On the night of 29 April 1942 the city was hit by one of the Baedeker Raids, when 69 bombs rained down on the city with little warning.

The raid resulted in St Martin’s Church on Coney Street being destroyed and the Guildhall suffered a direct hit – when Edna home at the Mansion House at the time.

The programme of events for Parliament Week, which looks to engage residents with Parliamentary Democracy can be picked up from any City of York Council Library or viewed online


Richard III lecture

  • 20th Nov 2013
  • This Parliament Week lecture examines the beginnings of the Council of the North under Richard, the power it wielded, how it was organised, and how it was funded.
  • Location: York Explore
  • Time: 18:30 – 19:30
  • Cost: Free

Before and after the lecture you will have a chance to see the earliest surviving York House Book – the original record of life in York from the period in which Richard was ruling the North of England on behalf of his brother Edward IV.  This is a free event but booking is essential. There will be beverages available on the evening. To book a place visit any City of York Library, telephone 01904 55 28 28, or email

View the full programme of Parliament Week events.