2 thoughts on “Details for road closures on the east of York for Plusnet marathon on Sunday 20th October

  1. John Simpson says:

    Thanks for the disruption and distress caused to my family by the inadequate organisation of this event. I’ve nothing against public events but they should be advertised properly to reach ALL citizens if they are going to close off whole suburbs.
    My wife is a staff nurse and was supposed to be on the 1.30 shift, but was made late in spite of explaining this.
    She had gone to Morrison’s to shop, but was prevented from coming home by a barrier that had been erected in the meantime. Robot-like ?volunteers intoned “You had enough warning” when she obviously had not. We rarely use the local press or radio, and the only way to reach all citizens is by a mail-shot, just as politicians do when you’re after our votes.
    She had to leave most of the shopping in the car and walk home to get into her uniform. Then she returned to the car and drove to the other side of York, adding nearly an hour onto her working day. Thanks.

    My daughter lives in Pocklington and comes over every Sunday with her two infant boys to have a sleep, because she’s on tablets for post-natal anxiety and her supermarket manager husband has to work every Sunday in Malton.
    We advised her not to come as we didn’t know if she would be turned back, like my wife. Thanks again.

    I could devise a route through the York lanes with very little disruption, where I’ve walked and cycled thousands of miles in the forty years I’ve lived here (I’m a London refugee like you).What’s wrong with these “sports fans” who can’t get out to the sticks to watch races, as I used to do around London? Is it because of the mass-hysteria, mass-sports culture we now live in, where nurses going to work and mothers with young children don’t even register in the minds of all the hangers-on? Answer: yes.

    • Well worth taking up the issue of poor publicity about road closures up with your local ward councillor we would think.

      Incidentally no one connected with this web site is a “London refugee”

      We published the details of the Yorkshire Marathon route to try to ensure that people were pre-warned about potential delays.

      Sorry that it didn’t work in your case.

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