Smartphone reporting system not working

Having messed up the introduction of a new system which allows residents to use smartphones to report issues (see it is disappointing to report that the system isn’t producing results.

Fly tipping in Front Street back lane 20th April 2012

We have reported fly tipping using the system on several occasions over the last 3 weeks. Automated reports assured us that the tipping had been dealt with.

But today, far from being cleared, the tipping is still there and growing in size (see photo right).

As we said when the system was introduced, the problem with tackling street level problems does not rest with reporting systems. The web based channel advertised on the Council web site as “report it” works well. The issue relates to having the right level of resources dedicated to identifying and eliminating the root cause of fly tipping and the like.

In the past the Council had a dedicated team of Street Environment Officers who followed up issues like these. They were particularly effective in dealing with problems on private land. But it seems that they are now being starved of resources.

The Council needs to get control of the fly tipping, fly posting and graffiti problems before they reach a level which could permanently debase the image of our City.

It’s just part of the continuing decline in public services in the Acomb area. It makes the “love York” publicity stunt, which is being covered by sections of the media today, look increasingly out of touch with reality.

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