York joins regional search for foster carers

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City of York Council’s fostering team has joined forces with others across the Yorkshire and Humberside region to recruit new foster carers.

Councils across the region have teamed up to create a new ‘Foster4yourcouncil’ website, containing a host of information about fostering.

The site will be officially launched on Yorkshire Day – Sunday 1 August – to celebrate the work of foster carers across the region and the life changing impact they have on children’s lives. The partnership will also host online recruitment and celebration events.

Cllr Ian Cuthbertson, City of York Council’s Executive Member for Children, Young People and Education, said:

Our foster carers are ordinary people doing the most extraordinary job. The stable and caring environment which they provide really does help to change the lives of local children and young people for the better.

“We hope to help raise the profile of foster carers and encourage others to come forward by joining forces with other councils across the region. Yorkshire Day is a great opportunity to celebrate the work of our carers and encourage others to join them.”

Foster parents across the area are backing the campaign and have spoken about how much fostering means to them.

Karen said:

I am always moved and amazed by the babies and children I have fostered: how they soon adapt, settle, learn to trust again and thrive within our family and friends.

“I can’t think of life before our foster girls came to live with us. They are our family now too and wouldn’t be without them.

“Although I love my role as a foster carer, I’m only as good as the team behind me and I couldn’t ask for any better support for us as a family than I have with the fostering team at City of York.”

Rachel said:

‘We love caring for young refugees – seeing them enjoy life, achieve and start to build hope for the future is fantastic after all that they’ve been through.

Each one of the young refugees we look after as foster carers teaches us something – we care for them and as they start to heal and achieve they encourage us.

Louise said:

Setting out on the journey of becoming foster carers can be a nervous time. However from starting the process with York we found it to be a very positive experience.

“Skills to Foster was a great insight into the laws, regulations, therapeutic parenting and safeguarding.  

“We have had lots of support from both our Supervising Social Worker and the Children’s Social Worker. There are also foster carer support groups where you can meet other carers.”

Bernadette said:

“As foster carers we are asked not only to provide for the day-to-day needs of the child, but carry them through the turmoil that their short lives have handed them so far.

To see a child blossom and thrive is the greatest gift you can receive. Is it easy? No. Is it worth it? Absolutely! Do it!”

City of York Council is always looking for new foster carers to help support children and young people in the city who aren’t able to live with their own families.  And fostering for City of York Council means that prospective foster carers can be sure they’ll be helping support local children.

Find out more about fostering in York on the council website, or from 1 August, visit the Foster for Your Council website and select the section on York. To contact our team, email Fostering@york.gov.uk.

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