Some success with graffiti removal in York

The new team of graffiti cleaners seem to be getting to grips with recent reports. Still some way to go though particularity with attacks on street utility junction boxes. The utility company is responsible for keeping these clean.

Graffiti that we reported before Christmas has been removed from the railway bridge on Wilton Rise
Unfortunately it has been replaced by other “works of art”
Even the anti graffiti sign has been attacked!
Graffiti on junction boxes in Beech Avenue also reported before Christmas is still there
Graffiti on a junction box in Kingsway West is a more recent report.
The Leeman Road tunnel is a regular target for “artists”
Detritus build up on the Wilton Rise side of the footbridge
Cinder Lane side of bridge looks like it hasn’t been cleaned for months. Cinder Lane still has weed growth from last summer.
Pothole on Foxwood Lane reported
Faulty “next bus” screens haven’t been working for several weeks.

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