York Council petitions update

The York Council is to consider an update on 10 petitions received from residents at a meeting taking place on 12th January.

They concern:

Burton Stone community centre future unclear

Burton Stone community centre future unclear

  • Speeding on Peter Hill Drive
  • Future of Burton Stone Community Centre (2)
  • Installation of speed humps on South Bank Avenue
  • Objections to development site H30 (Local Plan)
  • Need for 20 mph speed limit on Walmgate/Navigation Road
  • Future on York Deaf Society
  • Future of Youth Advice Centre in Castlegate
  • Winter Green Waste collection
  • Future of Groves Chapel
  • Objections to plans to build on Earswick Green Belt (Local Plan)
  • Request for Residents Only parking in Nunthorpe Grove
  • Road safety in Strensall
  • Future of Yearsley Pool
  • Travellers site fees

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Petitioners are able to attend the meeting and speak in support of their petition.

The Council has changed the way that it now deals with residents petitions.

The new system involves reports being made to a public Council scrutiny committee.

It is much more transparent than the old system where petitions handed to Council often disappeared from public view for months and sometimes years.

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