Labour ignore public opinion and axe Beckfield Lane

At tonight’s Extraordinary Council the ruling Labour Group ignored public opinion again and decided to press ahead with their plans to close the Beckfield Lane Household Waste and Recycling Centre.

A petition against the closure, signed by over 3,000 local residents, was debated at the meeting alongside a Liberal Democrat motion that proposed keeping the site open.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Ann Reid, who moved the motion, commented:
“It is deeply disappointing that Labour once more completely ignored public opinion and pressed ahead with their closure plans. Over 3,000 residents signed the petition, including a record number using the Council’s e-system. It was a groundswell of opinion and anger that Labour closed their eyes to.

“Labour also failed to address many key issues that councillors and residents raised, including the threat of increased fly-tipping and the risk of damaging the recycling rate. Labour’s argument has shifted from economics to location to accessibility and in each area their claims have been found wanting.

“The Beckfield Lane site is convenient; serves the needs of the West of the City and the staff help overcome any accessibility problems. The Liberal Democrat Group demonstrated that it was possible to keep it open within the current budget constraints. It is shameful that Labour have chosen to close it instead.”

6 thoughts on “Labour ignore public opinion and axe Beckfield Lane

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