Askham Lane to be resurfaced

The carriageway in Askham Lane will be resurfaced next year at an estimated cost of £72,500. It is the only road in the Westfield Ward included on the provisional resurfacing programme for next year.
The footpaths in Acomb Wood Drive are on reserve list of work which may be completed if funds allow.
There is no funding allocated for continuation of the resurfacing programme in Chapelfields. It had been expected that the roads in the remainder of the estate would gradually be repaired following the start which was made in Chapelfields Road and Bramham Road.
No funding has been made available for resurfacing Vesper Drive and footpaths in the Huntsman’s Walk area also miss out.
In total the provisional budget announced for design purposes is £2.8 million. This compares to the £5.5 million approved by the former Liberal Democrat led Council for the current years budget.
The highways budget is usually increased before it is finalised in January.
Email us if you would like a copy of the complete programme which lists the work to be undertaken on 69 roads across the City.

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