Bonding Warehouse and Kent Street sale

I hope that the Council won’t rush into selling the Kent Street coach park to the Fire Service at a cut price rate.
The new Labour Council will quickly find that it needs to maximise the receipts that it can get from asset sales. These are necessary to underpin the modernisation of the City’s housing, leisure and transport services.
I know that the last Council expected to get £1.5 million for the site. We don’t know what the offer figure from the Fire service is.?
Prudence suggests that the site should be placed on the open market and at a time which optimises the benefit for local residents.
There is a lesson in the sales strategy for the Bonding Warehouse which the Council successfully sold at the height of the property market for £1.1 million. It is now on the market again for only £800,000.
Council taxpayers will expect their representatives to continue to optimise the value of our assets.
The results of the consultation by the Fire Service on their need for new premises can be found here.

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