Council elections on Thursday – Key LibDem policy plans

1. Reopening the Barbican Concert Hall on 10th May (with no ongoing subsidy from Council Taxpayers)
2. Providing new athletics, sports and swimming facilities at a Hull Road “sports village”.
3. Reducing the costs of Council office accommodation by £17 million
4. Providing salt bins/bags for use in icy conditions and getting the remaining potholes repaired
5. Improving the outer ring road and reducing traffic congestion by providing 3 more Park and Ride sites.
6. Pioneering a low emission transport system with more pedestrian areas.
7. Providing a Community Stadium in partnership with commercial developers (with no Council subsidy)
8. Further improving recycling rates and opening a “salvage” centre at Harewood Whin to promote the reuse of materials
9. Giving elderly people more choice in their care arrangements, building on the success of “Telecare” and the new homes programme
10. Continuing to provide good quality public services at the lowest “cost per resident” of any unitary Council in the country.

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