Traffic speed on Wetherby Road

Traffic speeds on Wetherby Road have been checked again following the installation of speed warning signs 3 years ago.

The recorded average speed was 31 mph with 85% of drivers travelling below 35 mph. This is fairly typical for main arterial roads which have a 30 mph limit.. The highest recorded speed was 71 mph but this was registered at 5:30am and could have been an emergency vehicle responding to a call (the recording equipment cannot distinguish between different types of vehicle).

Cllr Sue Galloway made representations to a meeting which took place on 4th January when speed checks for several roads across the City, including Wetherby Road, were considered.

The meeting agreed to consider what additional engineering measures might be introduced to deter speeding. Unfortunately the Police continue to rule out the use of mobile speed cameras and installing humps, on a busy road, is unlikely to be popular with neighbouring property owners.

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