Hob Moor conservation

 Hob Moor has recently been entered into the Higher Level Environmental Stewardship scheme along with Bootham Stray and Clifton Backies, parts of the Knavesmire and Walmgate Stray. This scheme pays land managers to manage the land in a certain way for the enhancement or maintenance of existing landscape features, habitats and historical features.


For Hob Moor and the Knavesmire this means the Council will receive nearly £12,000 every year for the next 10 years to help pay for the management of the moor. The majority of this money is for the management of the grassland to try and improve its quality. Over past years the grassland has been deteriorating which is evident in the large numbers of thistles covering the moor. The management will involve more controlled grazing and weedwiping the thistles when the grass has been grazed down to a lower level. North Lane Field will be managed as a haymeadow so will only be grazed once the hay has been removed.


In addition to this money Hob Moor will recieve money to gap up and plant hedges around the boundary, which will then be fenced to stop the cattle trampling them. 2 new footbridges will be installed between the Moor and North Lane Fields to allow the cattle to be enclosed or kept out of North Lane Field but still allow pedestrian access and £16,000 will be provided for interpretation on site and online.

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