Cycling increasing in popularity in York

The number of recreational (fitness) cyclists has increased since the coronavirus lock-down started. Some cycle stores have even sold out of popular models.

Unfortunately the City is ill equipped to deal with additional demands on its creaking cycling infrastructure. Maintenance programmes have simply not been adequate in recent years. That neesd so chn ge in future.

We look forward to seeing what the new highway maintenance programme – which should have been published in March – will have to offer.

Idyllic day on the quiet York – Selby cycle track earlier today
Spoiled by some graffiti “artists”. No need for obscene slogans. Someone has to clean it off. They have better things to do
Unfortunately sections of the path are now very uneven. Hopefully some of the many new users will contribute towards repairs (the path is managed by SUSTRANs).

Hopefully those who left a pile of cans halfway down the path over the weekend will return and remove them.

Coronavirus York updates – 13th April 2020

On line trader site launched by NYCC

The North Yorkshire County Council has launched an on line database of trades and services currently available.

It is over 3 weeks since the York Council was asked to do the same thing- initially concentrating on those local food and pharmacy businesses offering remote ordering and doorstep deliveries. Still waiting!

Coronavirus cases and deaths in York

TWO more patients with coronavirus have died at hospitals run by the York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, taking the total number of Covid-19 deaths in the trust’s two hospitals -York and Scarborough – to 42.

THE number of confirmed cases of coronavirus has risen again slightly in York, to 127 today from 125 yesterday, while numbers in the North Yorkshire County Council area rose from 436 yesterday to 456 today.

Supermarket queues

Much quieter today. Few queues at any of the supermarkets in west York at lunchtime. Updates here

Only 5 in queue at Tesco Tadcaster Road

Land army

Many local farmers are using the good weather to catch up. Field unrecognisable from the picture following the flooding earlier in the year

Ploughing near Naburn


Unfortunately some people are still leaving litter (mainly tin cans). This is noticeable on leisure/exercise routes like the York – Selby cycle track. The Council is not currently emptying litter bins and frankly volunteers have better things to do. Hopefully people will take their litter home with them.

Not just highways and footpaths which are uneven. Cycle paths also suffer (in this case from the roots of poorly positioned trees). There will be a lot of basic maintenance work to do, on the whole of York’s transport network, when normality returns.

Nice touch from Acorn Rugby

New social distancing warden at entrance to Hob Moor

Obstacle removed from York – Selby cycle path

A few weeks ago we reported that a part of a tree had fallen onto to he York – Selby cycle path. It was blocking part of the path and posed a potential hazard at night.

The Council told us that they couldn’t do anything about it so today we trimmed it back

Likely that this peaceful route will become popular with “self isolators” undertaking some unaccompanied exercise over the next few weeks.

We’ve also reported broken glass on the cycle path on Tadcaster Road near Tesco. Hopefully the Council will also sweeping detritus from the adjacent area

York – Selby cycle track: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly!

A lot of work is taking place on the Sustrans York – Selby cycle path

Trees and bushes are being cut back from the cycle track

The cycle track surface has been relayed but is still uneven in places.

Trees felled next to Yorkshire Water sewage works,. Providing an uninterrupted view of the filtration units! There is a lot of flooding in that area so more, rather then fewer, trees are needed.

Graffiti still scars the Tadcaster Road entrance to the track

We’ve reported the detritus on the Tadcaster Road cycle track near Tesco.