No speed surveys undertaken in West York


The Council has confirmed that no checks on vehicle speeds in West York have been undertaken since the controversial 20 mph speed limit signs were put up.

The lack of monitoring is likely to be raised at the council meeting taking place on 9th October.

It seems strange that, having spent £600,000 on new signs ,the Council has n’tbothered to check whether they have had any effect on driver behaviour

The revelation comes as yet another anomaly with the 20 mph signing has been found.

Drivers coming down Green Lane towards the roundabout are told that the speed limit on one side of the road is 20 mph while on the other it is 30 mph!

Green Lane speed signs 2

Acomb Toilet closed again

Acomb toilet closed again

Acomb toilet closed again

The public convenience in Acomb has been closed again

Once again no explanation for the closure, or estimated time when the facility will reopen, has been posted by the Council.

Roof repairs were expected to be undertaken during September but there is no sign of active work retaking place on the site this week.

The Council was criticised in the spring for closing the facility without making available a portaloo or an update on the scale and timetable for the modernisation work.

The Council should not only post a notice on the building explaining what is going on, but also update its web site with details and brief the local media.




20’s plenty campaign – private correspondence revealed by Council

Copies of Emails between Councillors and officials in York – exchanged in the run up to the launch of the wide area 20 mph speed limits in west York last year – have been published by the Council.20 mph sign

The exchange of Emails can be viewed by clicking here and here

The project cost £600,000 to implement

The correspondence includes a request from Cllr Anna Semlyen for the use of a police radar speed gun (!)

This was the same Labour Councillor who argued that 20 mph speed limits should be introduced without consultation with residents.

Subsequently, as we now know, the new limits have had no effect on traffic speeds.

Andrew Waller to fight Westfield by election for LibDems

2011 runner up needs just 139 extra votes to win critical seat

Andrew Waller head and shoulders

Former Council Leader and long term Westfield Ward representative, Andrew Waller is the Liberal Democrat choice to contest the Westfield ward by election on Thursday 16th October.

A vacancy was caused by the recent death of Cllr Lynn Jeffries.

The impact of the election is likely to be felt far beyond the boundaries of the Westfield ward with the Council currently tied.

23 Labour Councillors face 23 opposition party representatives since another Councillor quit the Labour Group last week.

Who ever wins the by election will influence whether Labour regain an overall majority or whether opposition groups – when they vote together – will be able to defeat them.

There has been some speculation that a LibDem win would mean the Councils Cabinet being restructured to ensure that all parties have a seat round the table.

In 2011 Andrew Waller came within 140 votes of retaining the seat which had previously been held by the Liberal Democrats.

Andrew, 45, was councillor for the ward until May 2011. Since then he has kept in touch with people issuing a regular FOCUS newsletter. He has kept working for the local community and recently completed a 6000 household doorstep public opinion survey.

Andrew lives in the heart of the ward on Askham Lane, and is Treasurer of Chapelfields Community Association (which runs Sanderson House Community Centre), and a School Governor at both the Westfield Primary and York High Schools.

He has worked for Rowntrees and Great North Eastern Railway in the past.

He jointly set up the Acomb Traders Association (Acomb Alive!) which promotes business in the Front Street shopping area.

He has campaigned on local services, including protecting community centres, and Energise Sports Centre.

A keen cyclist, he is often spotted in his distinctive yellow jacket around the ward recording problems that need sorting out.

A fuller biography is available by clicking here

Votes per party AW

Woodlands play area almost ready for reopening

Woodlands playground refurbished

Woodlands playground refurbished

Hedges next to cycle path being trimmed back

Hedges next to cycle path being trimmed back

Workers were today putting the finishing touches to the refurbished Woodlands play area on Teal Drive/Bellhouse Way.

Hedges area being cut and all the safety surfaces have been renewed.

Children are likely to attend an “opening” later in the week.

Full marks to Rowntrees for talking to the local Residents Association about the future of the playground which had been locked closed for over 12 months.

Responding to a survey organised by Liberal Democrat Andrew Waller last month, 88% of residents said that they wanted the Woodlands play area to be open at least at weekends.

NB. Part of the overgrown hedge blocking the cycle path has also now been cut back.


Lynn Jeffries

Steve Galloway with Lynn Jeffries who was a keen supporter of Green Belt conservation.

Steve Galloway with Lynn Jeffries who was a keen supporter of Green Belt conservation.

We were sad to hear of the death of Westfield Ward Councillor Lynn Jeffries over the weekend.

Lynn had been suffering from an illness for some time.

She was elected to represent the ward in May 2011 and joined the Liberal Democrat team 18 months later.

She was a tireless campaigner on behalf of people with disabilities and readily supported local residents in the Westfield area on a range of issues including conservation of the natural environment.

She had recently been involved in a door to door survey of over 3000 homes in the ward taking up dozens of issues with the Council on behalf of respondents.

Our condolences are extended to her friends and family.

House sales increasing in west York

Following the national pattern house sales have increased on the Acomb side of the City during the last 3 months. Sales have included:

Address Sold price Sold date Type
2, Beechwood Glade, YO24 3JT £245,000 21 May 2014 4 bed detached
19, Beagle Ridge Drive, YO24 3JH £179,500 25 Apr 2014 3 bed semi-D
2, Willoughby Way, YO24 3NS £160,000 25 Apr 2014 3 bed semi-D
119, Foxwood Lane, YO24 3LQ £173,000 04 Apr 2014 3 bed semi-D
42, The Reeves, YO24 3ES £135,000 30 Apr 2014 2 bed semi-D
13, The Reeves, YO24 3ES £125,000 02 May 2014 2 bed semi-D
8, Huntsmans Walk, YO24 3LE £160,000 15 May 2014 2 bed semi-D
170, St Stephens Road, YO24 3EF £160,000 14 Apr 2014 5 bed semi-D
27, Troutbeck, YO24 2RE £135,000 06 May 2014 2 bed semi-D
12 Ascot Court, Gale Lane, YO24 3AE £113,500 31 Mar 2014 1 bed flat

Property for sale The list below shows some of the properties for sale

Salmond Road £189,950 3 bed Terrace
Tedder Road £175,000 3 bed Semi-D
Tedder Road £159,950 2 bed Semi-D
Lydham Court £105,000 1 bed Terrace


Property for rent The list below shows properties for rent

Moor Lane £1,295 4 bed Detached
Dijon Avenue £400
Gladstone Street £650 2 bed
St Pauls Mews £725 2 bed Terrace

Chain-free sales Below are properties nearby that are available ‘chain free’. These include properties where the seller is not buying a new home or has already moved out and could also include repossessions.

Tedder Road, Acomb, York, YO24 £175,000 3 bed Semi-D
Lydham Court, Acomb, York £105,000 1 bed Terrace
Alness Drive, Woodthorpe, York £299,950 4 bed Detached
Lerecroft Road, York £165,000 2 bed Semi-D

Discounted sales Are you interested in snapping up a bargain? Below are properties for sale where the asking prices have been reduced

St Stephens Road £100,000 -13% 2 bed Flat
Collingwood Avenue £215,000 -6% 4 bed Semi-D
Farndale Street £200,000 -4% 3 bed Terrace
Highcliffe Court £150,000 -6% 2 bed Semi-D

Information from Mouseprice




500 signature petition says “improve our neighbourhood”


Acomb residents ask for Council action

Petition June 2014

Over 500 residents living in the Chapelfields, Front Street, Cornlands Road, Gale Lane and Lowfields areas have signed a petition asking for improvements in their local neighbourhood.

The petition will be handed in to the York Council at its meeting later today by Cllr Lynn Jeffries.

The residents are concerned about the quality of public service provided in their neighbourhoods by the Council and particularly highlight issues with roads, footpaths, damaged fences, inadequate street cleansing, increasing instances of anti-social behaviour, inadequate car parking, weed growth in gulleys and on footpaths.

 In some cases resident have added in their own concerns with one recurrent comment being poor access arrangements for people restricted by their use of wheelchairs or mobility scooters.

In this respect poor footpaths/lack of dropped kerbs in the Front Street/Lowfields area has been mentioned by several residents.

The petition will be considered later in the year by the responsible Council committee,

Small grant allocated to Westfield Ward

The Council has allocated (at a behind closed doors meeting) what it describes as a “credit pot” to “deprived” wards.

The allocations are

Behind closed doors logo

  • Westfield – £4260
  • Clifton – £4241
  • Heworth – £4296
  • Hull Road – £3342
  • Guildhall £2818


The Council says that on 6 March 2012 the Cabinet established a “credits pot” to be allocated only to wards with the highest levels of deprivation to be used in line with the criteria for ward funding, to deliver on the ward priorities.


This decision distributes the pot to the 5 wards in proportion to their population.

The amount compares to the £60,000 made available each year to wards like Westfield when the Liberal Democrats were in control of the York Council.

NB.  Labour are scrapping all financial assistance to local community centres in 2015.