Harewood Whin – Waste activities set to continue to 2030

Entrance to Harewood Whin

Entrance to Harewood Whin

Yorwaste the operators of the Harewood Whin waste site are seeking planning permission to extend some of their activities until 2030.

Two applications will be considered at a meeting taking place on 12th May.

The first application seeks agreement to the expansion and continued use of a section of the site for composting.  The proposal envisages the continuing use of the existing concrete composting pad, together with an associated extension of some 6,910 sq metres in area, up until December 2030.

The pad is used to store and turn compostable materials in linear masses or windrows for periods of 6 to 12 weeks at a time to make compost. The size of the pad allows for the processing of a maximum of 70,000 tonnes of material which would meet current expectations of demand over the application period.

The second application is for the construction of a waste transfer station. The facility will be used for the bulking up and transference of materials to be used in the proposed Allerton Park Waste Incinerator.

The applicant has agreed as part of the development proposal to contribute towards the provision of a cycle track along the Wetherby Road frontage and to unilaterally revoke an extant planning permission for a biomass plant on the site.

Both applications are recommended for approval