Westfield Ward Committee meeting scheduled

Foxwood Community Centre

Foxwood Community Centre

The next Westfield Ward Committee meeting has been scheduled to take place on  Wednesday, 22 June 2016 at 7.00 pm. The venue will be the  Foxwood Community Centre on Cranfield Place.

It will be the first opportunity since last October for local residents to quiz elected representatives and officials on progress being made with ward budget priorities.

Over £50,000 was made available to spend in 2015/16.

The budget for Westfield ward in 2016/2017 is £53,266. Part of this money (£17,180) comes from the highways budget, and has to be spent on improvements such as resurfacing, footpaths, cycle-ways and lighting. 

The other part of the budget (£36,086) may be used for community, environmental and social care projects.

Residents have already given a view on priorities for the area with the following changes being proposed:

  • Trim back overhanging trees and bushes
  • Provide more off street car parking
  • Improve communal areas and around traffic islands (weed removal, resurfacing, railings, etc.)
  • Improve security (CCTV, target hardening etc.)
  • Provide more litter bins
  • Provide more “poop scoop” bins
  • Subsidise Community Centres
  • Subsidise events for elderly people
  • Subsidise events for children and teenagers

The Council has been asked to update the Ward pages which appear on its web site.  

In some cases the news section hasn’t been updated since last year.

The links to local Residents Associations also reveal that key information – such as the dates that skips will be visiting – has also not been updated.