Issues reported in west York

It looks like many highways defects have been left waiting for attention for so long that expensive remedial works are now needed.

Many carriageways which needed patching in the summer and autumn were ignored. Now some are worn down to the hardcore base while others have multiple surface defects. Several represent a hazard for two wheeled transport users.

We have reported the following streets (but these may just be the tip of the iceberg).

  • Walker Drive
  • Vincent Way
  • Gladstone Street
  • Hotham Avenue
  • Lowfields Drive
  • School Street

There are also some problems also with leaf and tree detritus. We’ve reported two areas

  • Green Lane
  • Kingsthorpe

Finally builders waste has been dumped in the little Green Lane garage area. We’ve asked for it to be removed.

Little Green Lane garage area 19th Feb 2021

Latest planning applications for the Westfield Ward

Below are the latest planning applications received by the York Council for the Westfield ward.

Full details can be found by clicking the application reference


24 Walker Drive York YO24 3NE

Single storey rear extension

Ref. No: 20/00388/FUL 


Hob Moor Community Primary School Green Lane Acomb York YO24 4PS

Condition 5 – 18/01475/GRG3

Ref. No: AOD/20/00052 

(NB. Relates to the installation of 3 bird nesting boxes)


Acomb Bowling Club Front Street York

Conditions 10 (drainage), 14 (landscaping) and 17 (waste collection) – 18/00586/FULM

Ref. No: AOD/20/00045 

Reveals that the Council refuse lorry will not be able to access the site because of the narrow access road. A private waste management company will be used. Landscaping plan below.


Representations can be made in favour of, or in objection to, any application via the Planning online web site.

The Council now no longer routinely consults neighbours by letter when an application is received

Report those potholes

Residents are urged to report any dangerous potholes on their local road or footpath before the bad weather sets in.

Potholes invariably get bigger in icy conditions.

Reports can be made “on line” 24/7 using the “report it” web site  click

The Council have been busy today relaying the road surface at the top end of Foxwood Lane. The carriageway there had been subject to repeated problems with potholes. They posed a hazard for cyclists in particular

We’ve reported a pothole that was developing on the surface of the road in Walker Drive