Progress on parking problems in west York

Last Thursdays decision meeting considered a large number of proposed changes to parking restrictions in the City. The results have now been published by the Council click here 

A large number of representations were made by Councillors and residents who attended the meeting. These included Westfield Councillors Sheena Jackson and Andrew Waller

Foxwood Lane junction

Changes to parking restrictions on Foxwood Lane (Bellhouse Way high numbered end) junction, Cranfield Place (outside community centre) & Morrell Court (junction) were considered by Cllr Ian Gillies. He declined to make major changes to the existing arrangements. However, he did agree to;

  • move the street name sign at the junction of Bellhouse Way and Foxwood Lane
  • provide white bar road markings to protect the access to four driveways at the entrance to Cranfield Place

The Foxwood Residents Association will discuss the issues at its meeting on Wednesday.

It is likely that they will ask that Councillors pursue;

  • In the case of the Foxwood Lane junction, the provision of an off-street lay-by at this location which will have the effect of pulling parked vehicles back from the sight line &
  • In the case of Cranfield Place, it is suggested that portable parking cones be provided for use (by event organisers) at the Foxwood Community Centre on the carriageway outside the front door. It is suggested that these might be supplemented by a “please use car park to rear” sign which could be attached to the boundary wall.

Askham Lane

The meeting also declined to introduce parking restrictions at the junction of Askham Lane and Vesper Drive.

However, the Council’s Assistant Director  is to write to the police in relation to taking action  against obstructions caused by vehicles on grass verges (and regarding devolution of powers – which would allow Council enforcement staff to take action on issues like these).


Vesper Drive – York Carriageway Resurfacing Works

City of York Council is due to resurface the carriageway on Vesper Drive during the week commencing 24th November.

The works are programmed to take 3 to 4 days to complete, working between 8:30am and 5.00pm.

Area of Vesper Drive to be resurfaced

Area of Vesper Drive to be resurfaced

To carry out the works safely, a road closure will be in place on Vesper Drive.

Due to the nature of the works and the size of the machinery required to undertake the works, there will be periods of time when it will not be possible for residents to gain vehicular access to their properties during the works. In these circumstances, residents should be prepared to use alternative parking.

Pedestrian access will be available at all times. Cyclists will have to dismount and use the footways when travelling through the affected areas.

Road repairs

Vesper Drive and York Road

York oad work

York oad work

The annual safety inspection of Vesper Drive was carried out yesterday. Temporary repairs will be carried to maintain the carriageway safe for the public to use until the full resurfacing scheme is completed later this financial year

Meanwhile work continues to move the Controller (new location) for the pedestrian crossing on York Road/Manor Drive.

The controller box is being moved to a more suitable location away from vehicle’s accidentally reversing into it


£200,000 being spent on repairing York roads which are to be used by Tour De France cyclists

The Council has revealed that it is spending £200,000 filling potholes and resurfacing the roads over which Tour de France competitors will ride in July.

Vesper Drive residents pitch to have their cul de sac resurfaced

Vesper Drive residents pitch to have their cul de sac resurfaced

Competition for the funding is hotting up with some residents (right) spotting an opportunity to get much needed road repairs completed.

The Council has now cancelled the meeting which was to have considered how the supplementary highways resurfacing budget will be spent. No explanation has been given and no new date, for a replacement meeting, has been offered!

Meanwhile the Council has said, in response to a Freedom of Information request, that it still plans to accommodate 800 caravans and 2000 tents on Monk Stray over the tour weekend (5th/6th July).

There is some concern that the “slimmed down” City of York Council has agreed to a programme which is does not have the resources to organise properly. 

Only a handful of Councillors have been briefed on the detail of what is happening (or not happening)