That was the week that was in pictures in West York

Good to see railings, cycle barriers and goal posts getting a coat of paint last week. Hopefully the pitch behind Westfield Place will get an uplift next.

The family triathlon took place at Energise on Saturday

On Thursday residents got their first sight of the Councils plans to fence off most of Chesneys Field. Reaction was sceptical, at best, although an alternative of putting football pitches on the – already secure – Thanet Road (Acorn) sports area was a much more popular idea.

Acomb traders are already gearing up for “Yorkshire Day”

We’ve reported overgrown hedges in the Foxwood area, a street lamp – which has apparently been faulty for over 2 years – and a dumped patio door.

That was the week that was in west York in picture

Local Councillors Sue Hunter and Sheena Jackson led a litter pick at Chesney’s Field. There is a question mark about the future of the park as the Council have allocated £40,000 to spend on fencing and other “improvements”. There is a drop in exhibition at the Acorn Rugby club on Tuesday (4:00pm – 6:00pm) at which plans can be viewed.

Fire damaged a wheat field on Acomb Moor

Sheena is arranging for some damaged trees at the Foxwood park to be trimmed

Sheena and Sue also helped to clean up the Tedder Road play area. Some of the equipment there does need to be refreshed

Great display of flowers greets Yorkshire in Bloom judges as they visit Acomb

Sue joined local resident Andrea Cropper to give the steps on Acomb Green a good clean

We said farewell to the payphone on Acomb Wood Drive. Several will be removed as the inevitable consequence of blanket mobile phone usage.

Sue joined a new group which is meeting at Sanderson House each Thursday morning. Local residents are invited to drop in

A large number of people came to the health walk on Friday – next one on Friday 25 August leaving Foxwood Community Centre Bellhouse Way York YO24 3HY at 10.30am

Unfortunately there have been some instances of vandalism to report this week. The Police have started “Operation Liberate” to coincide with the start of the school holidays. The operation will focus on targeting and decreasing anti-social behaviour across the city of York throughout the summer period. The police say, “Should you witness any anti-social behaviour occurring or are a victim of anti-social behaviour, then please contact us ASAP”

The Foxwood Residents Association had another successful meeting on Thursday

We reported the snickets in The Reeves as being in need of resurfacing

& the week ended with the return of the Acomb market – which was well attended again – while the Foxwood in Bloom contest was also judged

That was the week that was in west York in pictures

The results of a public opinion survey conducted by local Councillors in the Chapelfields estate were published. One issue raised by residents was lack of progress on repairing the local bus shelter.

…by Thursday, following work by Cllr Andrew Waller, the Bramham Road bus shelter had been repaired.

Andrew had also reported full recycling bins in the Acomb car park

…and a damaged street sign on Front Street

The recent poor weather has brought several problems. Earlier in the week we reported several problems with detritus and overgrown hedges with particular issues on snickets in The Reeves, Thoresby Road and Tennent Road

The surface of the snicket linking Thoresby Road and Cornlands Road is uneven. We have asked for it to be repaired

Broken glass on the Tithe Close footpath was reported for action

Sadly still no action by the Council to trim back the overgrown hedge on Askham Lane

That was the week that was in west York in pictures 30th April 2017

An upgraded CCTV camera has been installed near the shops on Chapelfields. We hope that it  -, together with increased high visibility police patrols – will reduce crime levels in the area. We’re also told that – after repairs to the doors – all the garages in The Wandle block have been let.

Still high levels of fly tipping in west York. These are some of the numerous cases that we have reported

Good to see that the parking bay lines have now been repainted. We’ve reported the full – and damaged – litter bin

The growing season is upon us and several hedges are now obstructing footpaths. Particularity disappointing was the failure by the Council to take prompt action to remove the self seeded bushes on Askham Lane which block the view from the bus shelter.

Still a mystery over why the road was closed on Friday. Most of the speed tables in the Windsor Garth area are breaking up.
Shame more information is not posted by the Council on local noticeboards. What’s there is out of date and pretty untidy

New 40 mph speed signs have been erected covering the section of Wetherby Road to the by pass. Residents hope that the buffer will reduce speeds in the built up area. The Vehicle Activated Speed signs on the road are both working. A very quick check revealed that about 10% of motorists still activate the 30 mph limit reminder