That was the week that was in York in pictures

York Council needs to have a plan to remedy high profile problems.

“Bottle” bridge is back

Fresh set of bottles and cans disfigure Ouse Bridge in York. It should be possible to fine the culprits, there are CCTV cameras in the area.
Nearby this years crop of parapet weeds are now in flower. No attempt has been made by the Council to remove them despite fears that they may affect the structural stability of the bridge. The issue was first reported in May but the Council has still not responded
We’ve some sympathy with the Council’s grass cutters who have struggled with wet weather this week. Means that several verges, like this is Kingsthorpe, are now overgrown
The grass cutters task isn’t made any easier if garden waste and other material is dumped on verges!
A lot of highway trees are now showing signs of “sucker” growth round the lower trunks. These can cause a problem with sight lines.
Easier to control is weed growth around street furniture. Many lampposts haven’t been strimmed or treated with weed killer this summer.
Footpath widths are gradually being reduced following the failure of the Council to undertake any edging work over the winter period. There are calls now for the weed control function to be taken back “in house” by the Council next summer. The staff employed could be used on verge edging and tree maintenance work during the winter period.
Narrow footpath width and poor surface on Kingsway West forcing pedestrians to walk on verge
Thanks to the Councils Community Safety Unit at the York Council who agreed on Thursday to have the accumulated rubbish in the little Green lane garage area removed.
It’s not just in west York that problems with weed growth on traffic islands is a significant issue. Above from Cllr Mark Warters illustrates the problem on the A166.

Time for a post festive clean up in Westfield

We’ve been out and about checking and reporting on public service standards in the Westfield area over the last few days. Perhaps not surprisingly litter and dumping are the major issues.

Dumped artificial Christmas trees in Thoresby Road garage area

Full litter bin Dickson Park

Full litter bin Cornlands Road

Tithe Close snicket badly littered

Dumping next to Foxwood Lane bus stop reported by Andrew Waller

Graffiti at Ridgeway bus stop reported by Andrew Waller

Litter at Foxwood Lane bus stop (shops) later cleared up by local residents

That was the week that was in west York in pictures

As the Council has stopped edging verges some paths are now gradually disappearing. Short sighted policy. Several residents in Ridgeway have signed a petition asking for action on this issue.

Also in Ridgeway there are problems with deteriorating footpaths. They could get pretty dangerous after frost gets to work this winter.

Nearby, this is a section of the Askham Lane path which will be resurfaced before the end of the year

Unfortunately parking on verges in Ridgeway is making a mess of the newly reinstated verges. Leaf fall is also a hazard.,

Problem with leaf fall on Askham Lane footpaths as well. We have reported the problem to the Council for attention

We’ve also reported litter in the planted areas in Dickson Park

To end with some good news. The Christmas lights in Front Street are brightening up the area. Good work by the Acomb Alive traders again this year.

That was the week that was in west York in pictures

Work on the Acomb War Memorial is continuing. We hope all will be competed before local centenary events, marking the WW1 armistice, start on Thursday.

Nearby we hope that the Council will remove the weeds from Acomb Green steps. We reported the need for weedkiller at the beginning of October.

We’ve asked for the signage at Gale Farm Court to be cleaned or repainted.

The self closing gate mechanisms at the Cornlands playground have stopped working. They are intended to prevent loose dogs entering the play area. We have asked for repairs

Its the time of year when leaf fall can become a problem. The Council clears the leaves systematically but it does take several weeks. It any pose a particular hazard then we recommend that residents report them

Dumped TV Tithe Close snicket

Dumped carpet Dickson Park – reported a week ago

Litter – The Reeves snicket

We’ve asked for the willow tree in Bachelor Hill to be cut back this winter

That was the week that was in pictures: more dumping and fly posting in west York

A mattress and other items have been dumped in the Cornlands Park

Bus shelter in Askham Lane damaged

Council asked to confirm a date when the much promised, never delivered, lay-by on Askham Lane will be constructed?

Hedge on snicket linking Gale Lane and Haddon Close reported. Needs cutting back

Snicket between Haddon Close and Tennent Road needs clearing of litter (not for the first time)

Fly posters advertising a Fair at ROKO Health Club are blighting the City

Far to much litter, broken glass and detritus on Tithe Close/Tedder Road snicket

That was the week that was in pictures

Grass round playgound needs strimming

Dustbowl verges on Gale Lane. We will see whether todays rain prompts grass growth

Litter in The Reeves snicket

Rubbish dumped at entrance to Cornlands park

Weeds overgrowing street furniture on Tennent Road

Dumping and full bin at entrance to Bachelor Hill amenity area