Coronavirus York updates; 17th October 2020

Deaths and test results

TWO additional COVID related deaths reported at the York Hospital Trust, That makes 6 in the last week.

81 (EIGHTY ONE) new positive test results were announced today bringing the cumulative total to 2555.

The peak cases (per 100k population) reached a new high of 279.19 on Monday although there may be the first signs emerging that the rate of increase has stabilised since then. Too soon to be sure though.

Regrettably, for the second day in a row, the government has failed to publish case level numbers at neighbourhood (MSOA) level. Given that this is the first day of the new Tier 2 restrictions in the City, we think that the government should be publishing more – not less – background information.

Government warning on ill judged transport schemes

The government has issued a warning to councils about squandering the money made available from the Emergency Active Travel Fund. It will be reported to a meeting next week.

… a significant minority of instances where schemes were, frankly,
nowhere near good enough

A notable number of councils used their funding poorly and were simply out of step with the needs of their local communities. I saw or heard from the public and parliamentary colleagues about far too many instances where temporary cycle lanes were unused due to their location and design, while their creation left motor traffic backed up alongside them; of wide pavements causing unnecessary congestion in town centres; and other issues that many have, rightly, reacted angrily too. Government Minister

Vitamin supplements

One aspect of the COVID pandemic which intrigued many people was the fall in infection rates during the summer period. While this might partly be the result of people not mixing so much indoors, some heath workers are pointing to the impact that vitamin D can have on resilience.

Sunshine is the principle source of vitamin D for many people. People get less exposure to sunlight between October and April.

The respected “Which” magazine concluded recently that, while there was little evidence that the consumption of vitamin supplements prevented coronavirus infections, generally balanced vitamin supplements did help the immune system.

We think that there is a case for the Council making vitamin supplements available free of charge to vulnerable groups including those making use of food banks.

The York Council is expecting to get an additional £600,000 in support payments from the government as a consequence of moving into Tier 2 restrictions

Coronavirus York updates; 30th August 2020

Deaths and test results

Three more positive test results announced today bringing the cumulative total to 964. Government distribution map suggest that there is no concentration in any particular neighbourhood.

No information issued by the authorities on whether there is any link between recent cases, although numbers are higher now than they were four weeks ago.

No more hospital deaths announced today.

Coronavirus York updates; 18th August 2020

Deaths and test results

There have been no more hospital deaths or positive test results announced today.

Outbreak management board agenda

The Council has published its agenda and supporting papers for its COVID management board meeting which is taking place tomorrow (Wednesday) click blue wording for links to support documents


Declarations of Interest


Minutes of the Meeting held on 13 July 2020, and actions arising  PDF 139 KB

Additional documents:


Current Situation in York  PDF 420 KB


Communications and Engagement  PDF 939 KB


Update from Sub-Group: Universities and Higher Education Establishments  PDF 403 KB


Update from Covid-19 Health Protection Board (verbal update)


Theme 1 in the Outbreak Control Plan: Safe Opening of Schools and Early Years Settings  PDF 423 KB


Theme 1 in the Outbreak Control Plan: Care Homes  PDF 193 KB


The Covid-19 Contain Framework: A Guide for Local Decision Makers

Note: Information relating to this verbal update can be accessed via the links below:-


Agenda Items for the next meeting


Dates of future meetings


Any Other Business