Latest planning applications for the Westfield Ward

Below are the latest planning applications received by the York Council for the Westfield ward.

Full details can be found by clicking the application reference


The Beehive (Centre of Excellence for the Disabled)  Ascot Way York YO24 4QZ

Condition 10 of 18/01467/GRG3

Ref. No: AOD/20/00240 

  1. NB This relates to kitchen odour control measures

14 Wenham Road York YO24 3GH

Replacement of existing timber windows with UPVC at 14, 16 and 20 Wenham Road

Ref. No: 20/01743/FUL

1 Teal Drive York YO24 3GQ

Replacement of existing timber windows with UPVC at 1, 3 , 4, 6, 26 and 28 Teal Drive, YO24 3GQ

Ref. No: 20/01612/FUL 

NB The above applications for new windows relate to blocks of FLATS. Planning permission is not normally required for a change of windows at HOUSES unless they are Listed or located in a Conservation Area.


32 Rosemary Road York YO24 3FN

Erection of 1no. two storey detached dwelling (Plot 4 Former Lowfield School site)

Ref. No: 20/01573/FUL 


34 Rosemary Road York YO24 3FN

Erection of 1no detached dwelling (Plot 2 Former Lowfield School site)

Ref. No: 20/01697/FUL 

NB. These Rosemary Road applications relate to “self-build” units which will be constructed to the rear of Tudor Road. Planning applications have now been submitted for 3 of the available 6 plots. While many may feel that the designs bring some welcome high-quality innovation to the site, the main problem with self build schemes can be the length of time it takes to complete work. If this can be overcome, then the allocation of additional self build plots, using the land which was reserved for Yorspace (communal housing), might be a useful step towards the early completion of building works across the site as a whole.


Representations can be made in favour of, or in objection to, any application via the Planning online web site.

The Council now no longer routinely consults neighbours by letter when an application is received

Warm weather brings some good news

Lots of people out and about today tidying up their gardens. Hopefully some of the overgrown trees, hedges and weeds obstructing footpaths will be getting attention.

Council workers were clearing two of the flower beds in Corlett Court today. The third central bed has been taken over and is now being maintain by local residents.
The slide on the Teal Drive/Heron Way playground – which was damaged by vandals earlier in the year- has now been removed by the landlords (JRHT). The playground is being reopened for the summer holidays.
Little sign in Vincent Way that the Council’s weed killing programme is having any effect!
We’ve reported several trees in the area which are obstructing public footpaths. If you have a tree in your garden please inspect it regularly to ensure that it is not overhanging neighbouring paths.
Quite a lot of litter around. This has been reported.

Don’t let the vandals win!

Several months ago the playground – owned by the Rowntree Housing Trust – located on Teal Drive was closed.

Locked gates at the playground on Teal Drive

Problems has arisen when vandals damaged part of the children’s slide.

Understandably repairs had to be completed before access was reinstated.

..But the gates have remained locked.

It would be a great shame if the authorities cannot ensure this facility is available at least during the day at weekends and during the summer holidays.

One possible solution would be to put together a volunteer team of key holders who could secure the park at night and reopen it in the morning.

Rowntrees promise environmental uplift over next couple of weeks

JRHT have responded to complaints about vandalism and litter in the Teal Drive play area.

They are considering whether the children’s slide can be repaired. It may have to be removed. The playground is likely to be closed in the interim.

Residents had complained about the amount of little in the park.

Elsewhere in the estate the hedge which lies between Wenham Road and the Foxwood Park will be cut down shortly (it blocks an access path) and leaf detritus will be swept up.

Wenham Road hedge will be lopped and leaves swept up

The slide in the playground has been vandalised and may have to be removed.

Litter is a constant problem on the playground


Grass cut back from Teal Drive snicket

Grass cutting reported on Sunday

Grass cutting reported on Sunday

Good to report that, following action by Cllrs Stephen Fenton and Sheena Jackson, the grass on the Teal Drive/Carrfield snicket has been cut back

In fact the whole of the Rowntrees playground, park and surrounding area has been tidied up.

Next on the list is to get the cycle barriers painted.


Teal Drive - Carrfield snicket grass cut

Teal Drive – Carrfield snicket grass cut

Next up - get the cycle barriers painted!

Next up – get the cycle barriers painted!

Earlier in the week there was a bit of a drama at the Foxwood shops when a drivers foot slipped on the accelerator sending her car into the flower tub.

Fortunately no one was hurt and damage was superficial

Errant driver relocates Beagle Ridge Drive  flower bed

Errant driver relocates Beagle Ridge Drive flower bed

Carrfield – Teal Drive snicket improvement requested

We’ve asked the Council to tidy up the Carrfield – Teal Drive snicket.

Using the Fix My Street “app” we’ve asked that litter and weeds be removed, grass cut and that the cycle barriers are repainted

Barriers need paintng

Barriers need paintng

Grass need cutting

Grass needs cutting

Weeds and litter need removing

Weeds and litter need removing