York Council to let new £1.3 million broadband network contract

 The Council has issued a media release which is relevant to the cable laying operations currently taking place in the west of the City.

It  claims“Plans to help York stay the most digitally connected city in the UK will be considered by senior councillors at next Thursday’s (7 December) Executive meeting.

The council is proposing to renew the ICT service contract which over the last decade has put York ahead of the rest of the country.

Through installing a future-proof fibre network, the contract has driven improvements to council services, including online reporting, CCTV and traffic management, and connecting the city’s schools, universities and community buildings to high-speed internet access”.

In reality, of course, “on line” reporting systems for the general public are far behind those of comparable Councils while the advanced parking availability sign data stopped being displayed several years ago.

The new contract is expected to be worth in excess of £1.3 million per annum.

The statement goes on to say, “The council’s bold steps and commitment to digital infrastructure has created the platform for multi-millions pound private sector investment which has:

  • provided free wi-fi in the city-centre and park and ride service
  • provided ultra-fast broadband, with speeds between 250 Megabites and 1 Gigabit per second, to over 20,000 York homes and businesses – with over 70% of the city to be covered by 2019
  • attracted businesses to York and given local businesses a competitive advantage
  • helped secure funding to trial the technology of the future, including digital pothole scanning and a traffic system which ‘talks’ to cars across our road network

The existing contract runs out in August 2018. If the Executive approves the proposals, the council will seek a technology provider for the contract that includes design, management and support of the council’s data network services, internet, office and mobile telephone services, as well as the council’s e-security protection services”.


The report also proposes including Harrogate Borough Council within the same contract.


Cable laying in Foxwood – More information

TalkTalk have now confirmed that they will not be digging up recently resurfaced footpaths in the Foxwood area.

Instead they will hold off installing their 1000mbs  broadband service for at least 2 years in streets like Bellhouse Way, Acomb Wood Drive and the Ainsty Park estate.

The company does say that they have a free 24 hour care line where residents can call to find out more, report an issue, make a complaint etc.

The number is: 0800 542 8073

It seems likely that in addition to Thornwood Covert and Bradley Drive whee work will start on Monday, we understand that the company will then move on to

  • Huntsmans Walk
  • Foxwood Lane
  • Hinton Avenue
  • Lydham Court
  • Doherty Walk

Ainsty Park footpaths to be resurfaced from 11th December

Talk/Talk ultra high speed cable laying starts on Monday in Foxwood

Paths to be resurfaced in Ainsty Park

The Council plans to resurface footpaths in The Gallops, Stirrup Close, Houndsway and Redcoat Way starting on 11th December. Residents  will receive a letter shortly explaining what access restrictions will be in place and asking that overgrowth be cut back from the public footpath.

This scheme is programmed to take 11 weeks, weather permitting.

The work consists of excavating the current tarmac surfacing and laying two new layers of tarmac. Selected road kerbs are to be replaced and tactile crossing points are to be installed.

The Council will take the  opportunity to offer residents within the area to be reconstructed a discounted extension or new vehicle crossing to be constructed as part of this scheme, at cost.  Anyone wishing to take advantage of this offer should contact the Council, before construction commences. Existing vehicle crossings will be resurfaced with the current dimensions at no cost to residents.

Broadband cables

Separately the Talk/Talk broadband contractors will be moving into the area. This has caused some concern about whether newly resurfaced footpaths may be damaged. We understand that the residents Association and local Councillors are checking this issue.

The cabling work has recently been completed in the Woodthorpe area with minor inconvenience to residents.

We doubt that many residential users really need ultra high speed broadband but heavy users of UHD TV may want to check out the Talk/Talk web site click. 

The area already has access to high speed cable links provided by Virgin.