Further road closures as work continues on Stonebow, Fossgate and Pavement

As work nears an end on Stonebow, Pavement and Fossgate residents are being reminded of overnight road closures needed to finalise the project.

These include full overnight closures (Monday to Friday 8.30pm to 5am only) on:

  • Pavement – between 25 March and 5 April
  • Fossgate – between 25 March and 12 April and,
  • Stonebow (closed in Pavement direction) between 1 and 5 April

In addition, between 25 to 29 March (over-night only) traffic will flow in the opposite direction on Colliergate so that work can be completed at the junction of Whipmawhopmagate. This may impact people driving in the city, particularly taxi drivers.

It is anticipated that the day time closures of Stonebow, Pavement and Fossgate will be completed on time by 29 March.

The road works are part of a £1.1million investment by the City of York Council to make major improvements to Stonebow, Fossgate and Pavement in York’s city centre. The works will improve the street’s appearance and character, create a more pedestrian-friendly environment and improve access for pedestrians and cyclists, which will attract more visitors to the area.

Tony Clarke, Head of Transport at City of York Council said, “We are nearing the end of a 14 week programme of improvements in the area. These closures have always been in the plans to finalise the work but hopefully taking place overnight will cause the minimum upheaval and disturbance possible.

“We know that the closures have caused delays and disruption for some and we would like to thank residents, businesses and commuters for their patience and assure everyone that we are working hard to have all routes fully reopened by 12 April.”

Archaeological works complete on Stonebow

Archaeological works that have been taking place on Stonebow are expected to be complete this week.


The investigation has been undertaken in partnership with York Archaeology Trust (YAT) as part of a £1.1million investment by City of York Council to make major improvements to Stonebow, Fossgate and Pavement in York’s city centre.

The works will improve the street’s appearance and character, create a more pedestrian-friendly environment and improve access for pedestrians and cyclists, which will attract more visitors to the area.

Ben Reeves, YAT’s project manager on the Stonebow site said, “York is famous for its archaeological remains and it is the rich organic preservation to be found at sites like this in the city centre that is so important in enabling us to understand and promote the city’s heritage to the wider world.

“Our fieldwork team has been recovering evidence for buildings and property boundaries as well as artefacts and industrial materials. We have found horn and antler and have also recovered well-preserved leather and wooden objects due to the water-logged conditions.

“One of the yards appears to have been used for some kind of water-related processing, with a series of timber-lined pits and a well-preserved wooden drain made from planks. Over the coming days, weather permitting, we will finish removing the archaeological deposits down to the required depth.”

Tony Clarke, Head of Transport at City of York Council said, “We have been working closely with York Archaeological Trust throughout the Stonebow works. Concerns around what historical features may be under the road changed our plans into how we stripped the surface away, however their investigation has not caused any significant delays to the project.”

NB. YAT has investigated a series of properties and back yards off ‘LeStainbogh’ later known as Stonebow Lane. This lost lane was demolished in the 1950s to make way for The Stonebow.  Stonebow Lane, in the medieval period, was the site of a Masion Dieu hospital ‘which haythe bothe men and women in the same, and is of two paryshings’, and walls of the Carmelite Friary precinct found here by workmen in 1857. Unfortunately, this area was bulldozed in the 1950s without any investigation and much was lost without record.

Major improvements works for Stonebow,Fossgate and Pavement to take place between January-April 2019

Old Fossgate

City of York Council is investing £1.1 million to make major improvements to Stonebow, Fossgate and Pavement in York’s city centre.

The works will improve the street’s appearance and character, create a more pedestrian-friendly environment and improve access for pedestrians and cyclists, which will attract more visitors to the area.

Starting from 7 January, the scheme will be carried out in phases over 12 weeks, and are estimated to be completed by early April, weather permitting, in time for Easter.

For the first time in a generation, the council is completely reconstructing the roads and footpaths on Stonebow, Fossgate and Pavement, which are in a poor condition and need to be replaced.

This will involve constructing/resurfacing and rebuilding the existing stretch of road – including excavating, which will require archaeologists to be in attendance.

The council consulted with businesses, traders and residents in September about changing the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) to reverse the traffic flow on Fossgate, which have now been implemented. At the same time, the consultation also included details about this scheme too.

In addition to this, the council hosted a drop-in meeting on 11 December, offering an open invite to talk to traders, businesses and residents about how the council can work with them to help minimise disruption and promote “open as usual” messages.

It’s likely that the work will cause significant disruption to traffic as these are major works. The council is aiming to keep this to a minimum by:

  • Allowing one way access from Colliergate, turning right only, onto Pavement towards Piccadilly at certain time.
  • Deliveries will be permitted on Fossgate and Stonebow during certain times but will be managed by traffic marshals.
  • Full overnight road closures will be required for surfacing works at the end of the scheme (in April). Further details will be provided nearer the time.

For more information, please read the FAQs [below] at www.york.gov.uk/FossgateStonebow  or for more travel information visit www.itravelyork.info/roadworks

The works for Stonebow, Fossgate and Pavement have been coordinated alongside the works for Walmgate to minimise disruption and inconvenience, and at a time which the council understands is the quietest time of the year for businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions  (more…)

York city centre bus stops set to reopen on Monday

On Monday, 5 March, bus services will return to their normal bus stops at Stonebow following relocation during the refurbishment of Stonebow House.

The temporary stops outside Marks and Spencer, and further down Stonebow will close.

The stops will reopen with wider pavements and better lighting, significantly improving the environment for passengers. Seating will also be improved later in the year.

At the same time, three bus stops at Rougier Street, for buses heading in the direction of York Station, will close to allow a new bus shelter to be to be put in place following the refurbishment of Roman House.

The Rougier Street stops will reopen towards the end of April after the new shelter has been completed.  The new shelter will be a substantial improvement with better lighting, improved seating and in-shelter CCTV.

All stops in the city centre have also been fitted with real time information displays, and all stops have received new, easy to read, timetables.

NB. The number 4 bus service returned to its original route past the railway station yesterday.

For more information about traveling in and around York visit www.itravelyork.info

Stonebow bus stop relocation

Stonebow is closed today (Sun 2nd) until 7pm. Diversion in operation via Foss Islands and buses will serve stops on Clifford Street

Due to the ongoing redevelopment of Stonebow House bus stops in the nearby area have been relocated for the duration of the works.

The Monks Cross Park&Ride service which currently uses stop SA will now stop outside Marks & Spencer. Services stopping at SB and SC including those provided by First, Coastliner, and Harrogate Coach Travel will move further along Stonebow towards Peaseholme Green.

It’s estimated that the work to Stonebow House will be completed by the end of the year at which point the bus stops will revert back to their original positions.

Bus wardens will be on hand during to advise residents and visitors of the changes. For more information about travelling in and around York visit www.itravelyork.info

York Council asset sale

The York Council is planning to sell off property and land that it owns at Lower Darnborough Street, 17/21Piccadilly, the former Manor School and adjacent to the A59 roundabout.

It also intends to purchase the remaining freehold part of Stonebow House.

The scheme on Darnborough Street, would see a vacant former malting converted into 6 town houses, the existing machinery and fittings remaining in situ in the communal area and the creation of a “renewable energy heating centre” using the existing kiln and flue to heat the townhouses which will be let on long leases. The Council have not published details of the successful bid nor have they indicated if it was the highest bid received.

17/21 Piccadilly

17/21 Piccadilly

The Council have negotiated with the owners of the major development site next to Manor school (ABF who own the former British Sugar assets) to sell it. It will form part of the major access to the new housing development. Again the Council have not revealed details of the negotiated price. The site was not put on the open market.

The former aircraft works and (later) tram depot on Piccadilly is – as has been widely reported – set to become a hotel. Offers, which have not been revealed, are subject to the granting of planning permission.

An area of land next to the A59/A1237 roundabout is to be sold to the adjacent garage. The Council understands that a major redevelopment will then take place.

Finally the Council intend to buy out the North Yorkshire County Council, from its 50% ownership of the Stonebow site, for £62,250.

Generally the City has always benefited in the long term from land and property acquisitions so this move may be a good one. However the controversial building is let to property holding company which is currently in receivership, so rapid progress is unlikely.

NB. The York Council has been criticised in the past for selling off assets at the wrong time and in the wrong way. The Haymarket/Hungate car park – which generates over £100,000 a year in income – was sold to an insurance company at the low point in the recession, potentially losing taxpayers over £2 million.

Changes to Stonebow bus stops

click for larger map

click for larger map

The Council is implementing changes to bus stop arrangements in the Pavement/Stonebow area.

The park and ride bus stop is being relocated to Stonebow to reduce footpath congestion, while the entrance to Whip-ma-Whop-ma-Gate is being narrowed.

The background report says,

Behind closed doors logo“The proposed alteration of the Whip-ma-Whop- ma-Gate junction will reduce the carriageway width to allow just a single exit lane. Whilst this is considered adequate to deal with traffic flows, and will bring about a number of safety improvements, there is a risk of some criticism over this change”.

No consultation with residents has taken place and he decision was taken “behind closed doors”