Schools inspectorate publishes list of “failing” York schools

York schools reports published “on line”

Ofsted have made their inspection reports – and statistical tables for all schools – available “on line”.York High

The statistical sheet for York High can be viewed by clicking here.

Other York secondary schools can be accessed by clicking here

You can access Primary schools on the Ofsted web site here or, for west York schools, click the links below

Most York schools are performing well.

One exception was Canon Lee (which has already been subject to widespread media comment)

Five Primary schools were criticised in their last Ofsted reports

Nine York Primary schools were rated as “Outstanding” by Ofsted.

GCSE results

Meanwhile  Key Stage 4 School Performance Tables published today show that many York schools achieved excellent results and are well above national averages.

The percentage of pupils gaining five or more A*–C grades at GCSE (or equivalent), including English and Maths, is 62 per cent. This is 6 percentage points above the national average and places York in the top spot in the Yorkshire and Humber region.

The results place York in the top 14 per cent of Local Authorities in England. 

York is also in the top 10 per cent of Local Authorities in England for pupils achieving the ‘English Baccalaureate’, and in the top third for pupils achieving ‘at least expected rates’ of progress from the end of Key Stage 2.

Latest Westfield Ward profile – more long term unemployed than in rest of York

The latest Westfield ward profile figures which can be downloaded by clicking here, shows that the area has the largest number of   people living on Job   Seekers allowance.

click for full details

click for full details


329 residents (3.4%) are claiming job seekers allowance,   the highest in York

Most workers continue to be employed in the retail and   social care areas.

The figure reinforces the views of those who believe that   the area has been neglected by the Labour Council during the last 3 years.

There is a need for more investment in the area including   a major regeneration of the Front Street area.

Life expectancy in the ward for males is significantly   below the City average.

The figures do show that by 2010 (when census data was   taken) people living in the area had much better  educational; qualifications than a decade   earlier.