Wider footpath plans for Station Road area

Increase in congestion forecast on Lendal gyratory

The York Council is to make changes to facilities for pedestrians when it modernises traffic signals on the Lendal Arch “gyratory”.

The changes will provide direct pedestrian crossings removing he need for pedestrian islands at some locations.

Footpaths will also be widened at the Station Road/Rougier Street junction where an all-round pedestrian phase will be introduced in the traffic lights sequence. The work will cost around £130,000. The changes will marginally increase traffic delays in the area (up from 16 seconds to 22.2 seconds at the pm peak).

At the Station Rise/Station Road junction the existing crossing will be widened. A new signal controlled pedestrian crossing to the burial grounds will be introduced. The eastbound cycle lane will be removed. This section of works will cost and additional £130,000.

The report is due to be considered on 14th September.