What’s on in York: Holiday Spanish – your Essential Survival Guide

 Acomb Explore Library :

Mon 16 Apr for 7

weeks :

1.00pm – 3.00pm :


Make the most of your holiday in a Spanish speaking country by learning the essentials before your trip. Or if you are interested in learning a language this could be an opportunity to try some basic Spanish and see if you would like to take your study further. All hand outs will be provided and websites will be recommended.

Learn to greet Spanish speakers, introduce yourself, order something to eat and drink in a café and find your way around the town using public transport. The lessons will be very practical and you will learn by listening to and repeating new words and phrases, reading simple texts, doing a variety of exercises and practising the language in role play situations. Gain extra tips about the country and its customs and traditions from your tutor.

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