Staffing crisis hits social work teams in York

The York Council is finding it difficult to recruit qualified staff for its Safeguarding Social Work teams. The budget for the service is nearly £150,000 overspent mainly because of having to employ agency staff.

Those affected work on Court/Child Protection issues. These teams intervene and work with very complex, high risk cases where child abuse has either been substantiated or there is the assessed likelihood that children may suffer significant harm and therefore require protection.

The Council is saying that “It is a highly pressured environment, with very tight and rigid court deadlines that have to be met as well as ongoing crises in relation to children subject to child protection plans which also require a timely response”.

There are currently 7 vacancies in the 16-person team.

As well as making “Golden Hello” payments of £2500 for new recruits, the Council also wants to introduce a “Golden Handcuff” annual payment to existing staff of a similar amount.

Hopefully the later will not fall foul of the Councils new modern slavery policies (right)