Call for salt bin rethink

Leaking salt bin

Leaking salt bin

Liberal Democrats have called on Labour to rethink plans that would see two-thirds of salt bins in York lost and gritting routes across the city cut.

The decision to cut the winter maintenance service was taken by Labour’s Cabinet Member for Environmental Services on Wednesday despite the opposition of local residents and concerns over the online only public consultation.

Lib Dem Councillors Ann Reid, Nigel Ayre and Keith Aspden have ‘called-in’ the decision for further review and the proposals are now set to be reconsidered at a special meeting of York’s Corporate and Scrutiny Management Committee later this month.


Levene backs cuts to de-icing safety schedules.

Labour have agreed to slash the amount of road and footpath de-icing which will take place this winter.

Several hundred objections from residents were over-ruled today by Councillor Levene who was first elected in only 2011 and who made no attempt to address the many concerns that had been raised.



Nearly 2/3 of the salt bins, put on the streets at the request of residents, will be scrapped.

Many roads – including those that are bus routes – will not now be routinely pre-salted.

The Council is being reckless with the safety of residents and is gambling that we will have a mild winter.

A repeat of the severe weather seen in 2009 and 20010 could bring parts of the City to a halt.

The implications for elderly and disabled residents are even more alarming.

When salt bins are removed from vital streets like Front Street, there is a real danger that many will be trapped in their homes …potentially for days or even weeks.

This is a shortsighted decision which Labour will come to regret.

The decision will be called in by Liberal Democrat Councillors who will refer the matter to an all party review committee.

We will let you know when the meeting is arranged.

Large number of objections to York Council’s de-icing cuts

Ice fallThe Council has now published a full list of the written objections that have been made to the Council’s plans to cut “winter maintenance” activities.

They can be found by clicking here.

In the main the objections have come from residents, and their representatives, living on the west of the city.

They include petitions containing over 250 signatures.

The full agenda for tomorrows meeting, which is open to the press and public, can be found by clicking here

“Keep the bus routes on gritting schedule” say Westfield residents.

Pressure is growing on Labour Councillors to agree to continue to de-ice all bus routes during the coming winter.

Another petition – containing the signatures of 175 residents living in the Kingsway, Danesfort Avenue and Hamilton Drive areas – has been submitted to the decision meeting that is taking place tomorrow (Wednesday 9th October West Offices, 4:00pm).

The petitioners point out that the Councils latest proposals

Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009

reprieve the Hollybank area which will now be gritted. That area has a 1 hour frequency 13A bus service, the same frequency as the number 24 Kingsway/St Stephens Road link.

The petition is in addition to those who signed a similar plea aimed at retaining gritting and salt bins in the St Stephens Road area.

A copy of all the written representations should be available on the Councils web site shortly. Click here.

Residents wishing to attend and speak at the meeting have only got until 5:00pm today (Tuesday) to register to do so. Telephone – (01904) 552062 Laura Bootland.

The Council has confirmed the list of salt bin sites that will be retained if their proposals go ahead. Around 2/3 of the existing bins are scheduled to be scrapped.

Click here to download a full list of those that will remain.

Residents sign petition asking for salt bins and de-icing to be retained in the St Stephens Road/Cornlands Road area

St Stephens Road area ice petition October 2013

49 residents have signed a petition asking the Council to think again about reducing ice clearance activities in the Cornlands Road area.

Residents are particularly concerned about the Councils proposal to stop de-icing St Stephens Road – which is a bus route.

The Council is set to agree to continue to salt the bus route in Hollybank which has a similar frequency service.

The petition has been sent to the Council for consideration at its “decision” meeting which is taking place on Wednesday.

Sacks of salt were deployed by the then LibDem controlled Council during icy weather in 2010

Sacks of salt were deployed by the then LibDem controlled Council during icy weather in 2010

The Council proposed cuts would leave the area without a salt bin. The bin near the shops on Cornlands Road was heavily used during the last bad winter weather which occurred in 2010.

Residents may attend and speak on the proposals at the meeting which is taking place at West Offices on Toft Green on Wednesday starting at 4:00pm click here for details

You must register to speak before the meeting. The deadline for registering is 5pm on Tuesday 8th October 2013. Telephone – (01904) 552062 Laura Bootland.

Written representations must be made by 5pm on Monday 7th October 2013. They should be E-mailed to