Police appeal for hit and run witnesses….Volunteers sought

Cyclist injured in York hit-and-run collision

Police are appealing for witnesses after a cyclist was injured in a road traffic collision in York.

The cyclist, a 33-year-old woman, sustained a head injury when her bike collided with a car at the traffic lights on the junction of Rougier Street and Station Road at around 6.15pm on Sunday 23 February 2014.

The driver of the car – a small, dark-coloured hatchback – did not stop at the scene of the collision and continued along Rougier Street.



Looking for voluntary work? – North Yorkshire Police needs you!

North Yorkshire Police is looking for enthusiastic volunteers to join the organisation to help support the delivery of policing services to its communities.

The force already has 120 volunteers working in a number of roles and is looking to recruit another 100 before July 2014.

Volunteers work alongside police officers and police staff, supporting their work to keep the communities a safe place to live and work.


York Police updates

Emlyn Thomas

Emlyn Thomas

Police urge wanted York man to hand himself in

Detectives in York hunting a man wanted for recall to prison are appealing for the public’s help as they warn him to turn himself in.
Emlyn Thomas, 32, is wanted as he has breached his release licence by failing to live at a specified address.

Mobile camera van locations (nothing new)

Chief Constable web chat

North Yorkshire Police’s Chief Constable Dave Jones is hosting a live webchat between 5pm and 6pm on Thursday 28 November 2013.
Residents are invited to take part in the question and answer session, giving local people an opportunity to raise the crime and antisocial behaviour issues that matter most to communities across North Yorkshire and the City of York.

20 mph speed limits signs being put up?

The Councils £600,000 scheme to put up 20 mph speed limit signs across west York will apparently start this weekend.

20 mph

Had the signs gone up before mischief night we doubt many would have survived for long!

The scheme is being introduced in the face of fierce opposition from the majority of residents.

In the Acomb, Westfield and Woodthorpe areas surveys showed 80% opposed the plan with costs and the ineffectiveness of putting signs, on streets where average speeds are already below 20 mph, being cited as the main concerns.

The Council are desperately trying to convert public opinion by selectively quoting the Police and “local head teachers” as supporting the change. Both the Police and “head teachers” also have responsibilities to taxpayers.

Ironically all the schools in west York already have a 20 mph speed limit outside their entrances – and have had for many years.

speed and accident record of streets in west York click to download

speed and accident record of streets in west York click to download

They might also look at the statistical data – suppressed by the Council during their consultation period – which can be downloaded here.

It revealed that most roads, that will get new 20 mph limits, have had no recorded accidents at all.

The bulk of accidents, in the York area, occur on the main arterial and trunk roads (which will continue with their current speed limits).

A couple of months ago the Council admitted that in other City’s (Portsmouth and Bristol) the number of accidents taking place in wide 20 mph limit area, had actually increased since the speed limits were reduced.

Even the hitherto responsible Benendon Healthcare organisation (where a Labour Councillor is in charge of public relations) appears to have been been taken in by the propaganda with their Chief Executive quoted as saying that it will improve safety.

Not for those living in Bristol and Portsmouth it didn’t.

The Council’s response is to use taxpayers money to pay for a video which is probably the most patronising piece of propaganda that you will see.

Numbers killed and seriously injured in York click to access source data

Numbers killed and seriously injured in York click to access source data

The last set of accident statistics for York roads, up to the end of 2012, have recently been published.

They reveal that those killed and seriously injured on our roads have fallen to an all time low.

This is the result of targeted accident reduction work the funding for which is being cut to pay for the 20 mph signs.

The figures for 2013 will be the last where most of the year reflected this priority. The 2014 figures should be published just a few days before the next local elections taken place (May 2015)

We hope that York residents’ will continue to drive at a safe speed taking into account all road conditions.

Police step-up patrols during Halloween and Bonfire Night

North Yorkshire Police is supporting a national campaign to raise awareness about anti-social behaviour (ASB) during the Halloween and Bonfire Night period.

Under the Association of Chief Police Officers’ “In Focus” banner, the week of action runs from Monday 28 October until Tuesday 5 November 2013.


Police Officers, Special Constables and Police Community Support Officers will be carrying out a large number of activities, including:

•Delivering posters to shops to prevent young people buying eggs and flour and fireworks

•Delivering “No trick or treat” posters to vulnerable and elderly people to display in windows

•High visibility patrols in areas where ASB has been an issue previously

•Visiting schools to educate young people about ASB and the dangers of fireworks

•Targeting known ASB offenders so that they know we are watching them

•Identifying insecure properties and offering crime prevention advice

Social media is also being used to provide information and advice to local residents, as well as promoting the activities taking place during the week of action.

To receive the updates you can follow North Yorkshire Police on Twitter @NYorksPolice using the hashtags #ASB or #InFocus.

Specials activity in York

On Monday 4 November 2013, around 25 Special Constables in York will be carrying out targeted patrols in the city focusing on ASB and burglary hotspots.

The night before Bonfire Night has often seen an increase in the levels of anti-social behaviour and criminal damage by juveniles taking part in Mischief Night. The team of specials will carry out high-visibility patrols to prevent and detect criminal damage, as well as offering reassurance to vulnerable people.

The team will also be checking properties to make sure that they do not present an opportunity for burglars. If they find an insecure property the officers will leave crime prevention advice.

•Monday 4 November 2013, Special Constables on high visibility anti-social behaviour and Beat the Burglar patrols

•Engagement with repeat victims of anti-social behaviour and persistent callers from the same period in previous years in order to offer reassurance

•Distribution of “No Trick or Treat” posters to local residents who are either repeat victims of anti-social behaviour, live in a anti-social behaviour hotspot areas or are vulnerable

•Delivering “Flour and eggs – not for sale” posters to local retailers

•Leaflets to local businesses regarding the sale of fireworks and alcohol to youths

•Engagement with known anti-social behaviour offenders so they know the police are watching them

•Engagement with students at York University and St Johns College regarding noise nuisance from late night parties

•High visibility patrols in the anti-social behaviour hot spots including the mobile police office to offer reassurance


Lendal Bridge – the unanswered questions

The Council claim to have published on their web site a complete list of answers given to question raised during their “twitter” Q & A session last week.

Problem is – they haven’t!

Amongst those still not answered are: