Warm weather brings some good news

Lots of people out and about today tidying up their gardens. Hopefully some of the overgrown trees, hedges and weeds obstructing footpaths will be getting attention.

Council workers were clearing two of the flower beds in Corlett Court today. The third central bed has been taken over and is now being maintain by local residents.
The slide on the Teal Drive/Heron Way playground – which was damaged by vandals earlier in the year- has now been removed by the landlords (JRHT). The playground is being reopened for the summer holidays.
Little sign in Vincent Way that the Council’s weed killing programme is having any effect!
We’ve reported several trees in the area which are obstructing public footpaths. If you have a tree in your garden please inspect it regularly to ensure that it is not overhanging neighbouring paths.
Quite a lot of litter around. This has been reported.

Don’t let the vandals win!

Several months ago the playground – owned by the Rowntree Housing Trust – located on Teal Drive was closed.

Locked gates at the playground on Teal Drive

Problems has arisen when vandals damaged part of the children’s slide.

Understandably repairs had to be completed before access was reinstated.

..But the gates have remained locked.

It would be a great shame if the authorities cannot ensure this facility is available at least during the day at weekends and during the summer holidays.

One possible solution would be to put together a volunteer team of key holders who could secure the park at night and reopen it in the morning.

Rowntrees promise environmental uplift over next couple of weeks

JRHT have responded to complaints about vandalism and litter in the Teal Drive play area.

They are considering whether the children’s slide can be repaired. It may have to be removed. The playground is likely to be closed in the interim.

Residents had complained about the amount of little in the park.

Elsewhere in the estate the hedge which lies between Wenham Road and the Foxwood Park will be cut down shortly (it blocks an access path) and leaf detritus will be swept up.

Wenham Road hedge will be lopped and leaves swept up

The slide in the playground has been vandalised and may have to be removed.

Litter is a constant problem on the playground


Fire crews attend arson attack on Grange Lane

North Yorkshire Fire service report an arson attach last night

“Grange Lane Play Area, near Askham Lane, York – Time of call 18:58

Acomb fire crew attended a fire involving children’s playground equipment. The cause of fire is believed to be deliberate. Crews extinguished fire using knapsack sprayers.

It is unclear whether the attack was at the private Kaleidoscope play area or the public playground in Grange Lane park”

Incident log 

Litter, footpaths, dog fouling, dumping & weeds top residents concerns

Thanks to those living in the Front Street and Hob Moor areas who have been returning the LibDem Focus “grumble” sheets.

So far the most complaints have been about:

  1. Litter
  2. Uneven footpaths
  3. Dog fouling
  4. Dumping
  5. Weeds/bushes obstructing paths

So pretty much basic public service standard issues.

This weekend we’ve moving on to look at services in the Cornlands Road and Askham Lane areas.

We’ve already been out and about this week checking on public service standards in the west of the City. Around 255 issues have been reported via “Fix My Street” including

Dogs have badly fouled the tithe Close snicket

Dogs have badly fouled the Tithe Close snicket

Weeds are still a problem on some footpaths

Weeds are still a problem on some footpaths

Grange Lane park play equipment still needs strimming

Grange Lane park play equipment still needs strimming

Swings damaged on Grange Lane aprk

Swings damaged on Grange Lane park

Full litter bin on Askham Lane reported by Cllr Sheena Jackson

Full litter bin on Askham Lane reported by Cllr Sheena Jackson

New Cornlands play area a hit with children but….

…………litter still a major problem

Cornlands park children playing

The new play equipment, installed by the local residents association, in the Cornlands park is proving to be a success with local children.

Unfortunately the Council have not only removed the dog proof fence but have failed to provide either a “poop scoop” or litter bn.

The result is that the insecure area is a bit of a mess.

Poop scoop bins missing for months

Poop scoop bins missing for months

We’ve asked for a clean up of the whole park, but new bins need to be provided together with some sort of security to prevent access to the play area by dogs.

A similar initiative is needed at the Grange Lane play area

Detritus on playground

Detritus on playground

Litter piled up around perimeter of park

Litter piled up around perimeter of park



Woodlands playground reopened

Andrew Waller with users at the newly reopened Woodlands playground

Andrew Waller with users at the newly reopened Woodlands playground

The newly reopened Woodlands playground on Teal Drive was put to good use in todays sunshine.

On hand was Andrew Waller who organised a survey aimed at finding out if residents wanted the playground – which had been locked for around a year – to reopen.

Over 80% said yes and the local residents association asked the owners, Rowntree Housing, to make things happen.

After a few weeks, the playground was reopened much to the delight of local youngsters.

Thanks to all for their hard work

Cornlands Park

If you can’t do the job yourself claim credit for someone else’s efforts.

Litter still  covers the Cornlands playground

Litter still covers the Cornlands playground

The long saga of the condition of the Cornlands Road Park has taken a bizarre twist. Lowther Street based Labour Councillor Gonefora Burton has issued a leaflet claiming credit for the restoration of the Cornlands Road play area.

This will come as news to the dedicated team of local volunteers and Council officials who have been struggling over the last 12 months to raise money for the scheme.

The plans to improve the Park dates back over 5 years when the, then LibDem led Council, realised that improvement could only be made when access to the park was made more secure.

A programme of installing railings around the perimeter was started (the playground had been fenced off a few years previously but was still subject to vandalism and was a magnet for anti social behaviour).

The opportunity to invest more money in the Park came when the developers of the old White Rose pub site agreed, in 2010, to pay nearly £8000 to improve local leisure facilities.

Labour Councillors were elected in May 2011 and one of the first things that they did was to siphon off this money into improved facilities at, private membership, sports clubs.

With the Ward Committee budget also having been cut, this meant that the improvement project was back to square one.

For a short time the “DIG IN” project tried to establish a communal garden within the playground railings. Unfortunately vandalism, and a lack of consistent support, meant that the project was abandoned and the idea of improving the playground for children was revived.

Dog "poo" bags hung in centre of Park

Dog “poo” bags hung in centre of Park

Progress has been made but a major investment in fencing (metal railings to protect the east end of the Park at least) is still needed. If the present three accesses to the Park are retained, then about 30% could be made available 24/7 for dog walkers.

It is to be hoped that the Council restore the poop scoop bin quickly.

It disappeared sometime ago and now “poo” bags are hung on old bit of play equipment.

Ironically Cllr Burton and Labour MP Huge Bayley had a photo opportunity at the park a couple of weeks ago. The area was covered in litter but neither of them, apparently, did anything about it.

The litter was still there on Thursday. (We’ve reported).

All in all, a pretty shabby and opportunist attempt by Labour to claim credit for something that they have contributed little to. They should apologise to the volunteers who they have insulted.

Cornlands Park

“Reopen the playground” say Foxwood residents

Foxwood Residents Association are seeking answers as to why a playground in the area has been locked and unused for over three years.Rowntrees play area

The playground, with new equipment, is on the Woodlands Estate which is managed by Joseph Rowntree Housing.

Local residents have approached the Association to seek their support in getting answers and most importantly getting the play area used again.

Shirley Gumley, Chairman of the Foxwood Residents Association, said

” It is a great pity that this play area has been locked for so long.  There are lots of young children in the area who would appreciate a secure place to play and residents are feeling frustrated at the lack of communication from Joseph Rowntree on this issue. 

 If there is a reason why the area cannot be used then tell us rather than leaving everyone guessing

A door to door survey on the issue is currently being undertaken in the area.