“Finished” Park and Ride site a big let down.

Still work to do at Poppleton Bar

Weeds2 Park adn Ride site

The York Council issued a statement on Friday claiming that work at the Poppleton Bar Park and Ride site had finally been finished – 5 months behind schedule.

But as our photos reveal, this is far from the truth with both landscaping and white lining work still outstanding. The site compound is also still in place.

Sadly the City has become all too familiar with weed growth in gutters, public spaces and even bridges around the City over the last 6 months.

However claiming a site is finished while it is still covered in 3 foot high weeds is surely a bit too disingenuous for even the Councils Labour Leadership.

It is after all the first point of call for some tourists and their impression of the City is likely to be coloured by their early experiences.

Low flying cyclists?

Low flying cyclists?

More seriously, from a safety perspective, is the Councils decision to encourage shared cycle/pedestrian use of the path from the A1237 underpass to the Park and Ride site.

unsegregated cycle/pedestrian path

unsegregated cycle/pedestrian path

Apart from one sign – which we suspect most pedestrians will not recognise – there is no reminder of the need to take extra care because of possible conflicts.

At the very least there needs to be repeater signs and warnings painted on the surface of the path.

At the moment, there not even a white line separation.

Organisations represented partially sighted people have been very critical about this kind of arrangement in the past.

No doubt they will be knocking on Cllr Levene’s door before very long!


Sports event for visually impaired and blind people

York’s first sports event for visually-impaired or blind residents organised by City of York Council as part of its Celebrating Ability Week is taking place on Sunday 10 August at Joseph Rowntree School, Haxby Road, York.

The event is the first of its kind and has been organised by the council in conjunction with the Wilberforce Trust, the York Blind and Partially Sighted Society and British Blind Sport as part of Celebrating Ability Week (4 to 10 August).

The afternoon of sports and games gives residents a chance to try different activities adapted for visual impairment and to find out more about continuing the sports on a regular basis across the city.