Decisions affecting traffic in every part of the City taken in private session by Labour Councillor

Traffic and parking decisions nodded through at behind closed doors session.

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The man responsible for the secrecy was Labour Councillor David Levene.

Over 50 proposals for changes to parking restrictions and other local traffic management measures were decided last week.

Residents had no opportunity to influence the decisions with papers only being published on the Councils web site AFTER the meeting had concluded.

Labour Councillors representing areas like Westfield  failed to make any representations  on the plans which potentially affect dozens of local residents and hundreds of drivers.

This is the kind of secrecy and indifference that should disappear when Labour lose the Westfield by election and with it their Council majority.

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Dringhouses and Woodthorpe






Heworth Without


Hull Road




Skelton Rawcliffe Clifton Without




Eight garages available to rent in Foxwood from £6-99 per week.


8 garages have become available for rent in the Foxwood area.

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They are available for £6-99 a week for tenants or £8-39 for other residents.

There are also vacant garages available in Ascot Way, Windsor Garth, Ridgeway, Thoresby Road and Bramham Road  as well as on many other estates across the whole City.

Rents for garages near the City centre are higher.

To express an interest in renting a garage tel 01904 552096


Lib Dems fight to resolve parking chaos in Clifton


Clifton Liberal Democrats are pushing for Newborough Street to be converted into a residential parking zone due to the shocking lack of availability for local residents. 

Newborough Street

Newborough Street

Local families are unable to park outside their own homes due to a large number of local workers and city commuters taking advantage of the street’s unrestricted parking. This problem is only set to increase with the completion of the new eco-homes development, local homeowner and Liberal Democrat campaigner Tobie Abel is calling on the council to take action.

A petition to convert the street into a residential parking zone has been gaining momentum and will be submitted to City of York Council on the 17th of July. Residents can show their support by contacting Tobie at

Tobie commented:

“After speaking to local residents it is clear that the current situation cannot continue. Newborough Street’s proximity to the hospital, the football club and the city centre puts a real strain on the limited parking available. Everyone I have spoken to has been very supportive of the petition, and we are calling on the council to take action.

The residential parking zone would finally give Newborough Street homeowners the spaces that they desperately need.” 

Confusion at Marygate car park

Marygate car park equipment


Liberal Democrats have raised concerns over changes made to a city-centre car park ahead of this weekend’s Tour De France.

The changes, introduced earlier this week, will mean that motorists will no longer have the option to pay by mobile phone at the council-owned car park on  Marygate.

More surprisingly there is no option to pay by debit or credit card with only cash payments accepted.

Liberal Democrats say the move is a step backwards and has not been properly advertised. The changes are believed to have cost £100,000 with the installation of new ticket barriers.

Usually Labour Cabinet members are falling over themselves to have their photographs taken next to their latest vanity project. But they have been strangely quiet on this one.

The Council haven’t even formally announced the change through a media release.

And no one has yet admitted responsibility for the decision not to accept charge card payments.

The move follows the unpopular introduction of a new charge which means residents will have to pay £20 for a Minster Badge parking pass.

Cllr Ann Reid, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Transport, commented:

“The poorly advertised changes at Marygate represent a step-backwards for car parks in York as the pay by phone option will no longer be available meaning that motorists will no longer be able to use their cards to pay. As more and more services become cashless, it seems that Labour run York Council is going the opposite way.

“There are some serious questions to be answered about spending £100,000 on the changes at the same time as asking residents to pay £20 for their discount Minster Badge. I don’t think local people will believe this represents value for money.

“I am also concerned that these changes have been poorly advertised and many drivers will turn-up at Marygate expecting to be able to pay by card, but will instead have to trudge to a cash machine. Introducing the scheme just days before the busy Tour De France weekend is also questionable.”

Foreign language instructions, clearly still visible, state that credit card payments can be made.

Yesterday several bewildered visitors were wandering around the car park asking for help with “change”.

The machine claims to give “change” but whether it could always be stacked up with a big enough float of £1 coins to fulfil this promise remains to be seen,

Marygate car park gets barrier

The new equipment for Marygate has apparently has cost £100,000.

The reliability record of this type of system is also patchy

There are some big questions to be answered about value for money with residents discount Minster Badges now costing £20. .

Apparently the facility to pay by charge/credit card (or phone) will be withdrawn. Not clear whether it is a “no change given” machine. Assume it will accept notes!!

NB. Will charges apply in the evening? How will badge holders exit without paying?

Residents now asked to pay £20 for “Minster” parking sticker


The Council’s Labour Leadership are going ahead with their threat to scrap the free “Minster” badge which entitles residents to discounts on car parking charges.

This was introduced some years ago as a way of recognising that residents had paid for the car park to be established  in the first place.

Residents will have to apply online to purchase a replacement badge. (Ironically, today, the web site links weren’t working).

The Council says that the charge will go towards making up a £280,000 shortfall on car parking income.

The shortfall has arisen since Labour increased car parking charges, some by as much as 80%, when they took office.

The new scheme means the end of “free” evening parking for residents. Free evening parking was something  Labour campaigned for in 2007 when a £1 per evening charge applied for residents.

Now any resident, without one of the new Minster Badges, faces a £2 charge (the same as visitors).

When announcing their plans earlier in the year, Labour claimed that they wanted to provide an incentive for “frequent visitors” to return to the City, but it now appears that those living in the City’s hinterland will NOT be able to buy a badge.

With around £300,000 in car parking income now at risk because of the free morning parking introduced at some car parks on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturday, it seems unlikely that the council has got its sums right.

We predict a strong reaction against the new charges from residents, some of whom may now choose to shop, and play, away from the City Centre.

York camera van parking enforcement details published

camera van

The York Council has now published details of where the controversial “spy camera” van has been operating.

The van has generated 473 fixed penalty notices. Of these most (249) have been paid at the £35 prompt payment rate.

222 are outstanding with 65 subject to appeals.

A day by day list of the locations visited by the camera van can be downloaded by clicking here

The total number of parking tickets issued by the York Council increased during the last (financial) year

  • 2010/11 – 20,262
  • 2011/12 – 16,510
  • 2012/13 – 14,010
  • 2013/14 – 17,232

The value of the fines income generated also increased, as did enforcement costs

  • 2010/11 £581,444
  • 2011/12 £465,902
  • 2012/13 £414,294
  • 2013/14 £485,758 (2137 outstanding tickets)

Cost of enforcement

  • 2010/11 £818,977
  • 2011/12 £716,113
  • 2012/13 £665,207
  • 2013/14 £750,750

The number of tickets successfully appealed was:

  • 2010/11 – 4074
  • 2011/12 – 3655
  • 2012/13 – 3074
  • 2013/14 – 3490


Parking lay-by request on Askham Lane


Askham Lane potential parking layby

Tenants living in flats at the high numbered end of Askham Lane have requested the Council to provide a parking lay-by on the wide verge outside their homes.

An increasing number of vehicles have been parking on the verge itself recently.

These have damaged the verge and potentially are a source of danger to pedestrians.

The scheme will have to be consulted on through the next estate improvements ballot.


Cornlands Estates – residents rally behind “tidy up” campaign

The campaign to have the Thoresby, St Stephens, Cornlands and Tennent Road estate given a “make over” has gained substantial support from residents.

The main areas for improvement so far identified include:

Gulleys need clearing

Gulleys need clearing

Gates and fences need repairing

Gates and fences need repairing

Garage areas need cleaning and resurfacing

Garage areas need cleaning and resurfacing

Snickets need resurfacing

Snickets need resurfacing

Pathways blocked

Pathways blocked

Vandalism at parks

Vandalism at parks

Dumping on snickets

Dumping on snickets

Damaged verges

Damaged verges

1. Repairs to verges and protective posts (or selective bitmacing)

2. Verge trimming

3. More car parking.

4. Weed removal.

5. Repairs to gates and fencing.

6. Snicket and other resurfacing

7. Gulley cleaning

8. A major spring clean of communal areas, garages, snickets, forecourts including painting street furniture, replacing notices etc etc.

9. Trees/hedges cutting back from paths and boundaries.

Housing is the one area where there haven’t been any cuts.

Over £13 million is held by the Council in reserves(!)

Yet this decline happens?

More off road car parking needed

More off road car parking needed

Scrapping Minster badge “would threaten evening economy”


The Labour leadership have been asked to clarify their policy on evening charges following their decision on Thursday to scrap resident’s car parking discounts.

As well as providing a reduced fee during the day, the Minster badge entitles residents to park for free at City centre car parks after 6:00pm.

Those without badges are charged £2.

The Minster badge is being replaced by a “frequent user” card but this will cost £20 and will be available to anyone.

The Council have also been criticised for not extending the discounts available to small/low emission vehicles in the City.