Impeded paths blamed on damp weather vegetation growth

Grange Lane/Parker Avenue snicket is gradually getting narrower!
Trees are now blocking part of the path which links Kingsway West and Green Lane. Pedestrians are forced to walk on the grass. The trees are in the compound of the Council’s building contractor.
& another Council garage forecourt area apparently missed of the weed killing list. This one on Windsor Garth

Fears for childrens safety as service standards wobble

Thorn bush overhanging public footpath

Thorn bush overhanging public footpath

Snickets are often a source of concern to both users and neighbouring property owners.

None less so that that linking Parker Avenue to Grange Lane.

Often problems are reported there with graffiti, litter, weeds and vandalism to boundary fences.

Today we have had to report a badly overgrown rose bush which is almost blocking the footpath. The thorns are a particular hazard for young children who may be wheeled past in prams.

We hope that the Council will act quickly to have the bush cut back

Grange Lane play area

Grange Lane play area

Meanwhile the Grange Lane play area is once again the subject of litter and dog fouling. The swings have also been vandalised.

The playground really does need a fence round it to prevent access by dogs and to stop litter drift.

It should become a “poop scoop” area with proper enforcement.

Again an issue overdue for Council attention.